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Your body is whispering! Don’t make it shout. Listen!

Updated: May 9, 2023

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Our bodies are self healing!

Recently, I cut myself while using a knife as I was cutting a packet and all I did was apply turmeric to stop the blood and forgot about it until I realised it was healed completely!

That made me think, our bodies are intelligent, it knows how to heal but what about the times when it doesn’t?

I recently understood why with Janki Ravani in her masterclass on Happy Body, Happy You only on The Mystic Lotus Awesome! HEALthier Be! Summit.

But before we go there, have you ever heard about the mind-body connection?

Our bodies hold onto all the emotional and psychological experiences we have in our lives which manifest through body discomfort or pain and illnesses.

This approach to holistic healing is known as somatic healing which takes us to the root cause of our problems which is psychological or emotional trauma.

Research shows 40-70% illnesses are self-created but why would we create an illness for ourselves?

Candice Pert, through her book ‘Molecules of Emotions’ shares how everytime we feel an emotion, be it sadness, guilt, anger or any other, a peptide (a type of an acid) gets released in our cells and it is through peptides that our cells communicate with each other

But what happens when you don’t process these emotions in a healthy or conscious manner? They begin to block the communication of cells with each other and this acid buildup is what creates illnesses.

Think of your body as this messenger, not like that pigeon in the movies tho ;)

Each illness is here to bring up some unresolved, unprocessed emotion and is a message for us to heal it. Once you listen and accept the message, heal it, its purpose is solved and it will go away.

I have personally experienced a lot of acne in the past few months and with the understanding I have about psychosomatic connections with the mind and body, I realised it is because of the anger issues I had and once I accepted it and healed it with various methods, including affirmations, it hasn’t come back and is only improving!

So, anytime you have some illness recurring again and again, ask your body for the message you couldn’t listen to!

Let me give you an example, Weight issues in relation to shedding weight show we may be holding onto some unprocessed emotions.

Similarly, various illnesses are connected to various body parts and organs like kidney issues are related to fears and breast issues are connected to the mother child relationship.

Here are some signs your body is asking for attention, do these connect with you?

Signs your Body is asking for Attention -

1. Cold and cough

2. Chronic fatigue

3. Excessive sweating

4. Nightmares

5. Thyroid issues

6. Excessive weight gain or loss

But since these are general, why don’t you let your body reveal it itself? Experience the body notification check, a guided process with Happiness Coach, Janki Ravani here

And remember, listen to the whispers so the body doesn’t have to shout with chronic issues.

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