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Why You Should Listen to this most important person - Your Inner Child

Holaaa Peopless!!

Do you have patterns in life that don’t seem to change? Maybe constant health issues, failed relationships, toxic people or bosses that don’t appreciate your work?

Patterns in life can be an inner child wound that may be the reason for our problems. All of us have some patterns in life where we don’t know why it's happening. Like I saw a pattern in my life about not being clear about my career, fears around success and whenever I would think of trying something new, I couldn’t.

Having an interest in healing modalities, I wanted to explore this further and in my quest, I learnt a few things about inner child. But with the internet now being a place where every information is available there is always something missing. And it is almost always a lack of knowledge from an experienced soul is what this space still lacks in sometimes; this led me to search for expert information & I came across a masterclass by a psychic expert, Deepakk K Raisinghani on the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies & it would be great to say my research got a new pathway here! Read on to know super interesting insights you may have not known about Inner child.

Who is an Inner Child?

Our inner child is a part of us since we were conceived and is also known to be a direct representation of our early years in childhood. It is the stored memory we have & is like the subconscious mind.

From what I understand the Inner child to be, it’s like this inner, super sensitive part of us, which is affected by the traumas or negative experiences we go through in our lives, especially during our childhood years. But our traumas cannot only be limited to these years as traumatic situations can happen at any age of our lives & that trauma needs to be healed. When we don’t heal these traumas, they become triggers for our life. And I’d like to give an example here (although this is extremely personal to me but with this, I hope it will make much more sense to you!)

Keeping the identity a secret because it’s a little serious but I’d like to share about K, a young woman who saw a lot of toxicity in her family due to elders, financial problems and more which affected her deeply, especially by creating a fear around money & trusting people which was affecting her subconsciously on her earnings & relationships.

Such experiences leave scars on our inner child and by healing our traumas & issues, we can become abundant, confident, happy and even healthy.

You too may have had some such experiences and if you may feel comfortable to, you can share it with all of us here in the comments section below and let your heart out!❤️

All issues, right from our journey from our mother’s womb to our present age affects us & stays with us subconsciously until it’s healed.

Did you know that trauma can be second hand too, like unfortunately being a witness to a traumatic event that affects us deeply & this usually happens at any age. Sometimes it may not be seen by others or even us but continues to affect us in our lives. Sometimes trauma can be temporary too like adjustment disorder; have you ever moved to a new place or shifted your jobs or workplace or maybe as a child shifted schools? These periods can be a bit difficult for us as we try adjusting ourselves to new environments but once we adjust & settle in, it doesn’t affect us as it is temporary. There are 5 more surprising types of trauma & you can click here to know them all

There are 5 innate areas of our body where trauma resides and they are liver, heart, spleen, kidney & knees. But to know where the trauma resides, is seen from the emotions. For example: Grief and sadness can even lead to muscle cramps.

And trauma needs to be healed from our bodies or it may create blocks in our abundance, optimism, joy & happiness of life. Unfortunately, all of us may have experienced at least one year in our lives which was traumatic for us.

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We may choose not to reveal it but that shouldn’t stop us from healing it! So here is your sign from the Universe to Heal & Release a trauma from one particular year of your lifetime (be aware of what shows up but remain unattached.)

I tried it myself & immediately after, in fact while I experienced this, it felt so calm, like a baggage left my shoulder and it felt Free! I actually healed a trauma from my childhood when I injured my face which was unknowingly causing me to have confidence issues. I didn’t even know that a small incident like that could affect me so deeply.

But hey, don’t you wish to meet your inner child & receive a message too? I won’t say much but rather let you experience this beautiful meet yourself here!

Until then, please do Like, Love & share this blog with all your loved ones!!🌷

Lots of Love & Stars,



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