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We Need This More Than Love!

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If you too have thought that love is all there is in this world, the feeling of having someone to love us and care for us. But what if I tell you it isn’t and there is something more important than this, something that we almost always associate with others and that is Self-worth!

So, think about this… How worthy do you feel? Do you consider yourself as someone who deserves all the Love, affection & luxuries of the world, like Universe’s favourite child? Or do you tend to not feel worthy of or deserving of all that life has to offer?

If you voted for the former, Kudos! You are super awesome and continue to stay like that! (Also, read along for some more tips to help you!)

If you voted for the latter, this is your sign from The Universe that you are awesome, lovable and worthy of all the blessings you have and a lot more speeding it’s way to you!

I was and sometimes I still feel like the latter but I no longer believe it to be the truth that defines me.

Many of us let our self worth be defined by things external to ourselves - be it the love and appreciation we receive from our close ones or by how well we do in our careers. But are these the right factors to judge our self worth with?

Nope, right? And I’d give the credit of this understanding to The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies and Janki Rawani, a Happiness Coach for bringing to us such an awesome experience of what Happiness and self worth really is.

So, post the call, every morning, I make a decision for myself; that I am a high end brand, like Louis Vuitton and worthy of everything Life has to offer because the only time we devalue ourselves is when we don’t know who we are! (There’s a reason why I say so and if you too wish to know this secret, watch the Call replay here)

And I won’t lie but I do feel happy, proud and worthy of my own self almost all the time but on days when I’m having a tough day, this is what I remind myself of -

I’m feeling low, I am not low. I am worthy, it's just that things are going a bit haywire and that The Divine would eventually make everything work out in the highest good of me!

And that’s it! I treat myself as my most important person like Janki shared and almost instantaneously feel better!

There’s a 5 second rule I’d like to share with you all that’s another thing which has worked out for me!

Since last week, I’ve started writing 3 things which are good about me every morning and on days when I can’t really think of anything I ask the Universe to show it to me. And you won’t believe, I randomly received compliments from people around me or just out of the blue someone just lets me know I do a good job.

Like just a few days back, I received a random message from my client appreciating how understanding I am of her life situations and how she can always open up without feeling judged! I just felt so happy as The Universe did show me something good about me that I had hardly ever thought of.

This brings me to something important, whenever we judge ourselves or think about ourselves in a negative manner, who does that voice belong to? The voice that sometimes tells us we’re not good enough is not always ours. It could be the voice of someone else.

So, the next time you don’t feel like you’re worth it, recognise who’s voice is that. Who is that person who perhaps made you believe that in your childhood or maybe even adulthood? And Unlearn it!

In our lives, we sometimes tend to get so hard on ourselves that we don’t forgive ourselves. We all have some decisions or situations or just something about our lives that we dislike about ourselves. Like I did too, I until a long time in my teens disliked the acne scars on my face. And if you too dislike something about yourself, you don’t need go carry that burden any longer, just let go and forgive yourself with this Self forgiveness meditation with Janki, Click here to experience it.

The experience was soothing, cathartic as I released tears and finally felt accepted! It was such a beautiful feeling and I’d love all of you to experience it too! Just let go and feel the lightness of forgiveness with this meditation!

And I won’t take much of your time as I know you would be really excited to try it out but hey, please do like, share and comment our blogs if you like it and let us know what would you like to know more about or if there’s anything you’d like us to write about, email us here or write to us in the comments section below! Hoping to hear from you and just a reminder:-

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Lots of Love & Stars,



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