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Vastu Simplified: The role of colours in this ancient science!

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Colours; the splash of which brightens our moods, affects our emotions and plays a role in all our lives each moment! And it got me wondering about the importance of colour in our lives. A colour evokes an emotion, brings a certain kind of energy in the space and just brightens us up.

We all know the connection of colours with Chakras but don’t you think the colour of the walls of your house influences the vibrations of your house too?

Vastu; the play of colours & sacred geometry of zones and directions of a space is what affects all of us!

My family has been a strong believer of Vastu and I remember as a kid how my parents changed the setup of our kitchen to make it Vastu friendly! But that was a lot of change and involved an investment too and that made me think, why can’t we make our homes and offices Vastu friends by making minor corrections instead of breakage.

I grew up and this question faded away consciously but when I came across the No breakage Vastu masterclass by Payal Goradia on The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies, I knew I had my curious questions answered there!

So, why not share this with all of you! Important information alert!!

Understanding elements is not so difficult, for now you can do it with your fingers!

The 1st finger is the Water element representing the colour blue and the north direction

The 2nd finger is the Air element representing the colour white and the West direction

The 3rd finger is the fire element representing the colour red and the south direction

The 4th finger is the earth element representing the colour green and the east direction

Finally, the thumb represents the element of Akasha (space); the Brahmasthan with the colour being Yellow. It is represented by the centre of the house or office space.

NOTE: Payal on the call shared that yellow is a base colour with which everything needs to be balanced and a colour we need to be careful about.

Each colour should be used in the direction of its ruling element and when this is imbalance, we face issues. But there are some universal colours to bring harmony in our homes and those are white, off-white, cream and light grey! To know more such tips, click here for the gift pdf with Vastu tips from Payal! )

Did you know this? Each direction has zones! Infact, the Southwest direction which is known as the direction of relationships has a zone which is the South of Southwest (11.5 degrees towards South west) which is the zone of destruction and disposal! Payal even shared how we can make use of this direction to help us in getting rid of addictions.

Isn’t this something only an expert can tell us?

But hey! That’s not all, for many more such tips watch this.

I was really astonished when Payal shared that we can understand what is in our house that is affecting a relationship in our life with the help of a house visualisation technique! Here, you have an energetic tour of your house and you can understand the vastu defects in your house which may be affecting your relationship.

My experience here was just awesome as I got an understanding of my relationship with my career and felt I should make a minor change in my living space! How cool, right? And in a week of doing so, I feel more comfortable in my workspace!

You can try it too here!

Who knew Vastu was so simple to understand and apply! And with Payal who’s so giving, shared such a simple tip to bring in more love and affection with loved ones as we speak to them; just connect with them as you sit in the east of northeast direction!

And that’s how the super amazing combination of colours, geometry, directions, zones and elements is what Vastu brings for our well being!

And with this, I take your leave just to be back with more such blogs on healings, holistic healing modalities and much more; Until then, do like, share and comment!

Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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