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There’s a world beyond Chakras! Explore the Meridians to heal holistically!!

chakra, aura healing & meridians

Helloo Beautiful souls!

I am pretty sure you have heard about Chakras!

The seven rainbow coloured energy wheels in our human body are the chakras that should be aligned and balanced to help in our emotional & physical well being!

I first came to know about these energy centers when I came across a lady who could scan auras and predict about a person! It was fascinating and I got my aura scanned too! And that lady told me she saw a pinkish colour around me at that time!

Even though I didn’t understand the meaning of the color at that time, but the explanation she gave was enough to intrigue me. She told me I am a pretty sensitive person and I don’t like to get into arguments or conflicts of any kind. There was a lot more she shared but because it was long ago, I don’t remember much. But this was definitely true of me as I get hurt easily and I even try to solve conflicts between my friends always.

This made me want to search deeper about auras and chakras and how do they impact us! So I started to gain insights into these concepts by finding some experts who shared their knowledge through youtube videos, internet, etc

In this search, I chanced upon the Meridians, but I had never come across the word Meridians!

Did you?

And hey, these are not the ones we studied vaguely in geography class.

Now, you might be thinking how are these connected to aura & chakras?

There's an interesting connect to these & I was lucky enough to chance upon a zoom live from The Mystic Lotus Awesome Divination Shakti Virtual Summit, which had an expert, Sylvia Fernandes, speaking about a revolutionary technique connected to these two!

So, I thought, why not share this interesting information with everyone too!

So say hello to Meridians!👋

These are 12 energy lines running in our body!

6 yin, 6 yang.

Okay, but what do these do?

These cool energy lines are a network running in definite pathways.

These are connected to the chakras and on the other hand, they are connected to the organs of the body.

Chakras - Meridians - Physical body.

That’s the connect!

Now, you cannot locate-locate them like your heart or lungs, but they are equally important in our lives. Like the chakras, these are energy lines too, are a part of our astral body!

Like the pipeline that supplies water to your house, these meridians supply energy to different body parts!

Okay, but why is it important?

Answer this, Do you clear your home everyday?

Obviously, we cannot live with clutter around us!


Similarly, Don’t you think it is necessary to clear energy inside as well?

Cleansing your present is important to reach your future dreams!

Well, for starters, our meridians should have a free flow of energy… blocks can later even develop as problems in the body part which is associated with the meridians.

Say if the meridian along the digestive system is blocked for a long time, connecting to the solar plexus chakra, then digestion issues can come up.

The coolest part about the call I attended was the scanner Sylvia used to scan your chakras, your auric field that actually generates a pdf report!!!

Now How cool is that!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely heard about a scanner actually giving you a diagnosis for your chakras for the first time💫

But wait, that’s not all!

I actually cleared some of my meridian lines with the Meridian Flush Technique! A guided process.

And trust me, I felt lighter, brighter and much more calmer after just experiencing it for once!

Actually, you know what, You can experience it too!

What’s stopping you?

Experience the magic Here!

Do share your experience with this amazing meditation with us too!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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