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The Swing of a Pendulum holds answers to your Questions! Understand it with Pendulum Dowsing!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

pendulum dowsing, pendulum healing, how to use a pendulum

Helloo Beautiful souls,

Hope you guys are having a super amazing day!

First off, I’m grateful for the support you have given to these blogs, it means the world!!!

And, to start off today, I have another interesting story to share from my box of experiments with Divination tools, so you get a glimpse of them!

This one’s special, it’s about a pretty simple tool called the Pendulum!

Some of you might have heard about Pendulum Dowsing and some of you might be new to it, but any which way, you would find something interesting in here as my understanding is based on an expert’s guidance!

Basics first, Do you know what a Pendulum is?

A Pendulum is a weighted object usually made of crystal or wood or some other material which is pointed at one end and the other is connected to a chain or string which you hold on to!

It makes movement, swings!!

Now Dowsing?

It means to search, to look out for!

And clubbing these two together, it can be simply said, searching for answers with the help of the directions the pendulum swings to.

But how does it work? How & where do the messages come from?

This question was very important for me to have an answer for because I like to know the background and basic knowledge about a divination tool. It is a great help in creating a bond and a feeling of trust with the modality.

But I was not getting the clarity I needed.

Until, I came across a live zoom call on Pendulum Dowsing with the expert, Arpita Thakkar only on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! Divination Shakti Virtual Summit.

This call gave me that clarity I was looking for! And I’d love to share that with you!

Arpita beautifully explained how a pendulum gives us an answer from our subconscious mind which is connected to our higher self. With physics in play, we are connecting with the earth energies and our higher self, which together help in providing answers from the Pendulum!

Divination tools hold a science within their inner workings and when we understand this, we understand the sacred meanings and the importance they hold too! And once we know this, we also realize how science and divination, spirituality and/ or holistic healings or any other way we would call it, are not opposing forces but in fact blend into each other in a beautiful mix!

Now, we know the science behind pendulum dowsing and how it works but what kind of questions can we ask with a pendulum & how clear would those answers be?

It is surprising but yes, Pendulums don’t just give Yes/No answers but also help in identifying blocks, finding lost objects and much more!

I wouldn’t have believed it but I actually saw Arpita do that for a demo on the call itself & the clarity with which she gave a timeline just bowled me over!

Indeed, The USP of Pendulum Dowsing is the ease, simplicity and effortlessness with which it works!

But how can we receive such crisp answers? Simple, the key to receiving answers is to ask precise questions, build up your questions as you receive answers, and bring in clarity with Dowsing charts!

P.S. Arpita has even shared 5 free Dowsing charts as a gift for all of us! I have printed & saved them already, have you?

But is that all you can do with a Pendulum? No, because there’s more!

Charge your places & even cleanse them! It is fascinating how a pendulum moves clockwise when you have to charge something but moves in anticlockwise when you cleanse something or even yourself.

Try this Divination technique right away!

Have a Pendulum Dowser?

There’s nothing like it! What are you waiting for?

Don’t have a Pendulum?

I got you covered!!

Let’s make one DIY Pendulum! Take a ring/key/pendant and suspend it with a string or use a japa mala (rosary) and you’re good to go!

Pro tip: First Ask the pendulum if it’s ready to work for you?

Usually, a pendulum moving clockwise indicates a Yes & an anticlockwise movement shows a No.

Download the gift pdf of 5 dowsing charts and with that you can even ask questions about your chakras!

Also, you can ask timeline based questions too as the charts for them too are in the pdf!

Signing off for now, Have a bunch of questions to ask my Pendulum & have to think of a name for it too! ( Another insight from the call, you can name your pendulum too, How cool na!! )

Do share how your pendulum gave you answers! Would love to hear your experience too!

Like, Love and share if this blog helped you in any way and do share your views!!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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