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Mokshapat: Receive life guidance from the board game of snakes and ladders

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Snakes and ladders - probably the first game of everyone’s childhood.

Today, I’m here to tell you that the game we all have played for hours is not just limited to fun but holds sacred wisdom about life, evolution and karma.

Known as Mokshapat, it is divine wisdom on a board. It essentially means the patra or paper on which the path to moksha is drawn.

I came across this modality through a chance masterclass by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies with Nandita Sharma.

Our lives are a beautiful journey where although our paths may be different but our end goal is always, liberation or moksha.

With Mokshapat, we can navigate our soul’s journey and understand how we need to evolve and grow as it guides us towards the path to salvation through Dharma. Dharma is to follow the right path.

But this board is a bit different from our game. With 72 boxes unlike 100 in the board game, each box has a unique meaning. It begins from birth, just like our lives and with each box, it navigates our life’s various challenges.

It is like a metaphor that traces all the emotions and experiences we may have in a lifetime.

With each row connecting to a chakra, the first row represents the root chakra. An interesting part here is that this row has no ladders but only snake tails as it shows us how we must go through these steps and no shortcut escapes allowed. At the same time it tells us that some wrong decisions or mistakes can bring us down to the bottom again.

Ladders are the help to climb towards our goals while snakes are things, situations, habits or emotions that bring us down in life. What’s fascinating is that the board has 10 snakes and ladders each. It shows us that the Universe is fair in its approach and shows us 10 places we can rise in life while also showing us the 10 areas that can pull us down too.

Nandita also shared how the divine wisdom of sacred texts like the Bhagawad Gita, Vedas and Puranas have all been imbibed in this single board game.

This board can answer all the questions our curiosity can think of, right from the soul purpose to Karmic patterns and if a situation in the present is stemming from a past life.

Now that I have built enough suspense around Mokshapat, it’s only fair that you get to experience a glimpse of it from Nandita.

Get guidance from the board itself through a group reading.

P.S. From grounding being important in our lives and a tip to manifest, here’s what Mokshapat has to say.




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