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INTUITION 101 : All about The sacred gift of the Divine within You!

Helloo Beautiful Souls!!

You reading this blog is not a mere coincidence. You did not just chance upon this blog. Your Intuition got you here!

But what exactly is Intuition?

We have heard this word countless times to actually uncover its true essence.

In my experience, I look at Intuition to be that subtle nudge that we all get from the Divine/ Universe/ God/Higher beings or whatever we would call it to be; whether it is for a situation or question in our minds.

Think about this yourself!

Did you ever face a situation in life where you just knew something would happen ( be it positive or negative) and you saved yourself from a possible problem? Or you had a certain precognition about something that later came true?

I have an instance in my life when I was in college & didn’t know anything about divination. This instance is a pretty accurate and strong proof of the fact that we all have Intuition within us, whether we believe in it or not!

This one dates back to my 12th boards & it was the result time! All of us ( my friends & I ) were naturally stressed about our results and at that time I had no idea of what Intuition or Divination even means. Two mornings before the results were announced, I woke up with a few numbers continously running in my head, 8892. I was naturally confused but I strongly felt they were connected to my results. I shared this with my mom but we didn’t think much. 2 days later my results came out, and guess what was my percentage?

It was exactly 88.92!

My mum and I were shocked at the accuracy.

I am definitely sure you might have had some situation too where you just knew something. No proof, no evidence but just that feeling of knowing! That's your Intuition!

Do share your experience with Intuition too in the comments section!

But you might be thinking why am I talking about this in the midst of blogs on Divination!

There’s a strong reason why!

Take a look at any divination tool & you would find that the reader or healer makes the use of his/her intuitive abilities to understand the other person’s issues.

Intuition is like the heart of any divination practice or holistic healing!

With a zillion people on earth no one can actually have a record of the absolute diverse issues & complexities of human life let alone having a unique solution. And this is why we are attracted to intuitive & psychic readers who can help us know our innermost selves!

And I was super lucky to know more about this beautiful gift from the Divine to all of us humans from an ace psychic & healer, Deepakk K Raisinghani on the Mystic Lotus Awesome! Divination Shakti Virtual Summit. In fact, Deepakk even before the live call, shared an intuition test which shows how much we rely on our Intuition!

BTW, did you know about the Archangel of Intuition; Archangel Haniel?

I didn’t & this was my first takeaway from this call!

Our Intuition is always with us and we do know what's best for us! We just look out for confirmation from other sources but our heart knows it!

Our Intuition is a gift from the Divine to us that stays with us 24*7 from birth to death & it’s not like our wifi connection which could be cut off!

All of us have a unique role in this divinely created universe, we have a purpose in life, a mission to help the world in some way or another, for we are all spiritual beings helping each other grow in life!

But where do we go wrong?

We go wrong when we follow someone else’s path to success but if we are all unique then how can we succeed by following someone else?

Now where does Intuition help?

Here is where Deepakk explained how Intuition is our connect to the Divine which constantly guides us to our soul path, for our highest good!

There was something so special about this call that I loved was how Deepakk explained Fear!

The word fear alone can make us anxious, uneasy and uncomfortable but thanks to Deepakk, I got an amazing perspective to fear!

Fear, Deepakk shared, is something which can actually empower us. It is a Future Empowerment Awareness Response system! They are our guide!

How cool is this perspective, right?

But that wasn’t it.

Remember when I asked you earlier about Archangel Haniel? There was a demo experience where we were asked to focus either on a particular problem or just Archangel Haniel’s picture & I chose the latter! And then we had to choose a number between 1,2,3 or 4 & we would receive a message from Archangel Haniel for our new year, 2023!

I chose 3 & my message was related to compassion which I totally related to!

What are you waiting for? Choose a number & receive your message here!

And do let me know if you too resonated with it like I did!

Pro Tip: Deepakk asked us to do this whenever we feel angry or worried: Place your hand on your Heart Chakra and feel better instantly or even receive answers from your Intuition!

And with this, I’d like to sign off with this beautiful statement I loved from the call & maybe all of us need to hear this-

“Start Living! Trust and stop looking for confirmations!”

Do Like & love this blog, share it with those you feel would benefit from this & share your experiences with us in the comments below or you can reach out to me here.

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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