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Heal the Hawaiian Way with Ho’oponopono!

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Ho’oponopono - it means making things right for us and others, is here from the land of Hawaii to show us the power of Love, forgiveness and healing ourselves to bring shifts in everything around us!

Today, I have a profound yet the gentlest modality that holds the power to heal prisoners without them knowing, and with this you can already imagine the power it holds.

4 phrases and that’s all it takes, to heal, forgive and shift. I know it sounds too easy to be true and I thought so too, Until I experienced it myself!

With Janki Ravani, on The Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers’ Training Summit, I experienced the magic and that’s what inspired me to write this blog.

As a student of the healing arts myself, I always look forward to understanding and experiencing a modality before investing my time in learning it, for the best success story is always the one where WE grow, learn and heal.

Our learnings and experiences are a roadmap that helps us lead the road for many others, and with Janki, I could experience this.

I have been experiencing troubles with my confidence for some time and I tried using Ho’oponopono prayer for it with the guided process Janki took us through and to say the least, the experience was cathartic and I felt so much relief that cannot be put into words! I realised how I was being so hard on myself and with the somatic integration by Janki, I realised how much it was affecting my body unknowingly.

If you too feel pain or discomfort with any situation of your life or even a person, you can experience the power of Somatic Ho’oponopono here

But there’s a logical side of us that wants to understand the deeper meaning of this modality, and here’s something I realised that I would love to share!

With Ho’oponopono, the essence is that we begin to heal our world as everyone is a reflection of some part of us. With this deep understanding, we begin by taking responsibility that we have allowed it to happen, we recognise how we may have unconsciously contributed to it.

With this awareness and only Love in our hearts, we begin to recognise and acknowledge we are all ONE!

The 4 phrases of Ho'oponopono are:

And wait, did I tell you this? You also heal the past (from our present or past lives) that is superimposing on our present reality.

But why do we need to learn a modality that is so easy? This question does make sense right?

Janki explained how this is not just Ho’oponopono, but understanding the essence from the core PLUS using basic Somatic Healing, we use our body as an active partner in our healing journey!

From sensations in our body to movements & breathwork as ways to heal, Janki has combined the powerful Ho’oponopono with Somatic Healing - to understand the signs our body is telling us, revealing the blocks that we are holding onto, unwilling to release or process something & heal it with Ho’oponopono, in the fastest possible way!

Isn’t it oh-so-simple yet so powerful?

So, are you ready to use your body as your tool to heal yourself?
For our bodies are not just flesh and bones, it’s much more, it’s the vehicle that helps our spiritual selves navigate through the world!

So, get-set-go and checkout what’s in store for your learning joyride here

I hope you had an amazing time reading this! And please do like, comment your experiences & share this blog with your loved ones too!


D! ❤️

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loved the session! thank you for the insights, D!

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