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Heal Emotions with the powerful yet gentle Bach flowers!!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

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Holaaaa Peoples!!❤️

Have you ever not fallen in love with the beauty of a Flower?

And how can we not!

These delicately beautiful flowers carry a vibe of freshness, a feeling of warmth, coziness & a sense of optimism that makes you instantly feel better & brighter!

And those oh-so-pretty colors!! 😍😍

But wait, did you know some of these flowers have great benefits too?

In the past 3 years, when the entire world has gone through a literal transformation and changes are not always easy.

The changes affect us emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically too. And the pandemic was a testing time for many of us, especially emotionally.

With the pandemic, the world has become more open towards understanding mental health, holistic healing and alternative treatments.

And it was around this time that I began connecting with the healing sciences; starting to research more about the beautiful modalities which bring magic on earth and I came across a lot of insights; I’d like to share some with you.

Did you know?

Our human mind has approximately 60,000 thoughts a day & studies have shown 45% of them are about our past incidents which leave an imprint on our mind. Most of them are generally about the negative experiences we have been through which create lower energies around our aura.

With this knowledge, I came across something really interesting recently in a masterclass- Heal emotions with Bach Flowers with Veejay Israani.

Have you heard of Bach Flowers?

If you haven’t, Say Hellooo 👋 to one of the easiest & simplest healing methodologies to heal emotions!

Before I let you in on all the insights of these beautiful healing flowers, I would love to share something on the origin of this healing modality because I feel understanding the Why about a modality is extremely important to fully understand the meaning of a healing modality.

Meet Dr. Edward Bach- A Homeopathic Doctor!

Dr. Bach felt a lot of people coming to him for treatments were coming repetitively which led him on a quest to understand & heal the root cause of the problem.

He believed that the root cause of all diseases is an imbalance in our emotions.

Dr Bach then identified 38 emotional states & gave the world 38 remedies to restore balance!

And yes! The remedies are the 38 Bachflower remedies!!

But how do they work?

The basic principle behind Bach Flower healing is Vibrations and Energy- certain emotions have a lower frequency like anger, hatred, grief, sadness, guilt among others; we feel drained with such emotions.

Now, here comes the magic- with the right knowledge and understanding about each Bach flower, which emotion can be best healed with it; a Bach flower or a blend of different Bach Flowers can be used to heal.

The Bach flowers when consumed, then work on raising our vibrations to a higher frequency, thus healing our emotions.

From helping in healing fears, anxieties, traumas & regrets to even anger, depression, insecurity & loneliness, Bach flowers are at your rescue!

You might think how are our physical health issues related to our emotions?

Our Emotions hold the power to define our lives!

Why do I say that?

We are all psychosomatic beings! Our thoughts, behavior & mind influences the body! The way we feel about anything is what defines our connection with it!

Knee issues show a feeling of rigidity in a person, looking at just one perspective of a situation.

Lower back pain shows money worries while eye concerns like Glaucoma can show a long standing unforgiving attitude & here Bachflowers meant for forgiveness can help along with the medical help.

Although there are 38 Bach Flowers, for this blog, I’m sharing 3 Bach Flowers that can be used for a particular purpose or healing, from the valuable insights I received on the Masterclass!

Chestnut bud is a bach flower used to elevate learning, help in coming out of escapist mentality & much more! So if you are a student, make a note this wondrous bach flower to help you!

White chestnut is another Bach Flower that can help in diarrhea, vomiting, hiccups, to stop constant worries & is also one of the varied flowers in a sleep blend!

Vervain is a must have bach flower to heal mental stresses, to help relax & much more!

You know, I actually thought that one flower could help heal one issue only but these Bach Flowers are just too multi-healing!!

There are 38 such Bach Flowers and they can help heal 50+ issues, right from panic attacks, addictions & lack of confidence or loneliness.

But, what I loved the most about the speaker, Veejay, was that he counsels the person and after going into the depth of his/her emotions, Veejay would provide a special blend! And wait, he is going to teach that in his workshops too!

I know we all have Bach flowers available at a homeopathy store near us and we can pick them up from there, then what’s the need of a workshop?

I had this same question. But this was my understanding from the call.

Can we make a blend of bach flowers for healing black magic, inviting prosperity and abundance in our homes, cleansing & even weight loss!! (I won’t lie, the last one is what is making me join the workshop, come on, who doesn’t wish to reduce weight?)

With this, I'll continue my research on Bach flower remedies to gain many such great insights & you can watch it too here if you wish to know what these pretty little flowers can do for us!

Until then, please do Like, Love & share this blog with all your loved ones!!🌷

Lots of Love, Light & Stars,



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