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Helloo Beautiful souls!

Our eyes! The most beautiful gift of our life! Have you ever imagined how wonderful these eyes are, they help us see & experience the beauty of this creation; the world! I actually realised the beauty of this gift during the past 3 years!

And with the entire world being under the grips of the pandemic, our lives were at a standstill & working remotely from our place of residence suddenly became the ‘new normal’.

And in this new normal, I didn’t realize how long I was looking at my screen; straining my eyes. I was basically switching from one device to another, from the laptop after work to the phone scrolling through instagram & finally to the tv screens for some Netflix.

And in this I started to strain my eyes for extremely long periods of time but what else could be done? During one such discussion with a friend, she suggested that I use the 20-20-20 eye gazing exercise along with candle gazing to let my eyes relax & even increase my focus!

And I soon realized that this actually helped me increase my focus too along with lesser headaches.

But there was one thing that I was thinking of- the candle gazing!

When I started practicing it, I felt calmer, inner peace & at least for me, I found myself in a state where I could easily tap into my intuition as I slowly shifted focus to my third eye chakra.

This was new to me and I started to look for answers on how gazing and divining are connected?

This got me to a new word, Tratak!

Tratak is a type of meditation that is practiced by focusing the mind on a single object. With this, you can improve concentration, clarity & inner peace.

And without realizing, I was using Tratak, with candle gazing and what I didn’t realize was how this can also help in increasing intuition & spiritual growth.

But I wanted some expert advice on the practice of Tratak which I felt was lacking when I searched the internet.

And this curiosity to know more, landed me on a live call held by the Awesome Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies during their Divination Shakti Virtual Summit with an amazing expert, Dr Hittesh Gurujee!

The call was filled with some amazing insights that I’d love to share with you in this blog!

Did you know?

Humans perceive 80% of their world through their eyes!

By increasing the power of our eyes steadily, we can become a living miracle!

If we are able to see what we are designed to, we would see almost 200% or more than what we see currently.

But, the real question that arose in my mind with these lines is how can we see what we are designed to? Is there a practice or technique that can help us? And if that is Tratak, then how can this ancient practice mentioned in the vedas, yogic scriptures help?

And I guess Gurujee could read all these questions in our minds which is why he shared the meaning of Tratak!

Tratak is being able to see clearly what life has to offer to us!

It is channeling your energy via your sight and rising your Kundalini!

Tratak has various benefits too, from being able to see hidden truths to enhancing healing powers & even receiving divine messages! Even though not all these benefits could be experienced on the call, Gurujee gave a small teaster for everyone which I will definitely link later in the blog!

Coming back to how does Eyesight help in Tratak, Gurujee shared how one eye shows us the past, the other the present & the third eye shows us the Future!

Isn’t it so amazing?

We all know there are things, aspects or situations that block us from achieving the things we desire & Gurujee was kind enough to explain to us with a beautiful story, the 5 blocks that may come in our path to Divination!

They are:

1)Sensual pleasures

2)Good or bad emotions

3)Unsettled mind

4)Non-practice and lethargy

5)Doubt in faith.

And this was indeed an eye opener to all of us on the call how unknowingly we may block our own divine path!

But what amazed me the most was when Gurujee spoke about the Triangle of Faith!

He beautifully explained how faith is always threeways, as we have faith on Ourselves, others & the system. He shared how we have faith in God, ourselves and the creation of God! But a small seed of doubt on either of these would lead to doubt on all three.

And the real question he put me into was are we actually having a triangle of faith or a triangle of Doubt? You can think about it too!

Has the question of free will and destiny ever come up in your mind too or was it always me? I always thought if there is free will then how can we say that a particular thing was destined to happen or the other way round.

But that’s what only a real guru can clear in the most simplest terms & Gurujee did that with an ease!

Gurujee shared that everything that is going to happen, will happen. But the way you respond to it, brings you the next destined thing meant for you!

Now this simple thing makes so much more sense & it just simply shows us that destiny & free will are not opposites but actually two sides of the same coin! This was one of my biggest takeaways from the call.

There was a super interesting activity that happened on the call too, to check are our eyes really seeing? But I don’t think I’d do justice to that experience with words, so why don’t you experience it yourself here

As you experience this amazing teaser of what Tratak with Gurujee can be like, I’d sign off but hey! You can definitely come back here & share your experience in the comments section too!

And yes, please do Like & Love this blog if it gave you some amazing insights & share it with your loved ones too!

Spreading Love, Light & stars,



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