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Explore lifetimes with Past Life Regression

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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Stories! Aren’t they really fascinating? From infants to teens, adults and elderly alike, stories have connected us.

Be it the way our parents lived their lives when they were young, the movies we adore or the fairyland stories we all went to sleep with.

Every person we come across has a unique life story, from the old uncle next to our seat in the metro to the young child playing in the rains, we all have our beautiful version of life and its experiences. It is these stories that keep us going.

Some make us cry, some give us hope, while some just give us the wings to fly!

The common thing between them all is that we feel them, be it the emotions or the situations.

But today, let me introduce you to something that’s special to just You - Your soul’s story across lifetimes. From the beginning of our soul’s journey on earth to this present moment, each story has contributed to what we are today.

Just like the footprints we leave behind when we walk on the sands, every lifetime we live, leaves behind an imprint, and that’s what I understand as Karmas.

These imprints define how we look at life, while some are good and some sad, depressing or even surprising. They carry important lessons for us.

But we may not remember them all and that’s where Past Life Regression, a modality that helps us uncover our past lives, helps. It uses the technique of Hypnosis. And to understand this modality better, I got a chance to attend a live masterclass with Dr. Geetanjali Saxena at Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Healers Training Summit.

A trained expert, having studied under Dr Brian Weiss, she is one of the top PLR experts in India! And true to that, her masterclass was an enlightening experience.

With various myths debunked and eye-opening answers, she shared how PLR is also a Divine plan. The permission to view our past lives, brings in profound shifts in our lives as we heal the past karmas with the blessings of the Divine.

Acceptance and Forgiveness - the key to healing. From accepting our past and seeking forgiveness, we heal traumas from where it all began.

As all Healing is the healing of a troubled past that leads us to the road of a happy, brighter future!

And I know this makes you want to try PLR today, Dr Geetanjali had some amazing offers to check out and gave us a little teaser where she introduced us to Age Regression.

It was a process where we could choose an issue troubling us and uncover how it started in this present life.

For me, the experience was a vivid one and I saw how a small incident I saw at the age of 2 years led me to hold onto it without me even realising it. This realisation helped me understand how my past was impacting my present.

I know you are too excited to experience this, so here you go, try it here.

And hey, do share about what’s your take on this modality!

While you're at it, click on the heart too if this was something you enjoyed! And hey, there's more! If you'd like to read more about this Awesome masterclass, read along the blog by my colleague, Vama!




Recently, in an engaging Zoom session led by the learned Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, participants delved into the intriguing world of PLR therapy. Through the session, they not only uncovered myths surrounding PLR but also discovered profound connections between their past lives and present experiences.

Now, what exactly is PLR, you might ask. Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy is a holistic therapeutic approach that aims to explore and potentially heal unresolved issues, traumas, or challenges from past lives that might be impacting a person's current life. This practice is based on the belief in reincarnation, which suggests that the soul goes through multiple lifetimes to learn, grow, and evolve.

During a past life regression therapy session, a trained therapist guides the individual into a relaxed and focused state, often using techniques such as deep relaxation, guided imagery, and hypnosis. While in this altered state of consciousness, the person may access memories, emotions, or experiences from what is believed to be their past lives.

Dr. Geetanjali started the session by shedding light on the concept of "mahadasha," which occurs when past life karma is triggered, leading to emotional pain and suffering in our current lives. In Hindu astrology, Mahadasha is a significant and pivotal concept that pertains to the influence of planetary periods in a person's life. It is a Sanskrit term where "Maha" means great and "Dasha" means period. Essentially, Mahadasha refers to the major period or time span during which a specific planet's energies dominate an individual's life experiences.

The understanding that negative experiences are connected to past karmic debts allowed participants to explore the profound interconnection between their pain and that of others.

This is how PLR therapy is regarded as a transformative tool to identify and resolve deep-seated issues by revisiting past lifetimes or significant events in the present. Unresolved karma leaves energetic imprints, akin to files stored in the aura. By acknowledging, understanding, and forgiving themselves, participants can break the cycle of past karma, leading to healing and growth.

“All forgiveness is self-forgiveness. Because god is within you.”

During the session, Dr. Geetanjali emphasized the essence of self-forgiveness, as the divine resides within each individual. By embracing forgiveness, individuals can liberate themselves from the shackles of past karma and resolve present challenges with compassion and understanding.

In the session, Dr. Saxena also addressed prevalent myths surrounding PLR that often lead to bias and the spread of false information. However, Dr. Geetanjali was quick to debunk these misconceptions, emphasizing that these myths are simply untruthful. She urged participants to view PLR as a legitimate therapy, just like any other, each with its own unique methods and benefits.

One of the most common myths surrounding PLR is the fear that individuals might become trapped in a past life, unable to return to their present reality. This apprehension is rooted in the misinterpretation of the nature of PLR. In reality, a skilled PLR practitioner guides the session, ensuring that participants remain fully in control and able to navigate between their past experiences and their current life. Dr. Geetanjali highlighted that the purpose of PLR is not to trap, but to explore and gain insights into past experiences to promote healing and personal growth.

Another myth suggests that PLR could be dangerous, leading to unintended psychological or emotional consequences. This misconception arises from a lack of understanding about the professional and ethical standards upheld by qualified PLR therapists. Dr. Geetanjali clarified that, like any therapeutic approach, PLR is conducted in a controlled and safe environment, ensuring that participants' well-being is the top priority.

Concerns about PLR therapists implanting false memories into the subconscious mind also stems from a misunderstanding of the process. Dr. Saxena stressed that a trained PLR therapist follows ethical guidelines to help participants access their own memories, without any suggestion or manipulation. The focus is on facilitating recall and exploration, not on creating fictional narratives.

Throughout the session, the mirror effect became evident - those who wrong or harm us are often reflecting our own past actions or karma. This revelation makes every interaction a mirror, revealing unresolved issues that require attention and healing.

The next aspect of the call involved Dr. Geetanjali talking about Age Regression Therapy. Age Regression Therapy is a therapeutic technique that aims to help individuals explore and address unresolved issues, traumas, or emotional challenges from their earlier years, particularly childhood. Unlike Past Life Regression Therapy, which focuses on exploring past lives, Age Regression Therapy specifically targets earlier stages of the current lifetime, typically childhood.

Participants also discovered how subconscious blockages can hinder progress in various areas of life. By delving into age regression and tracing back to childhood memories that shaped insecurities, they could acknowledge these memories and clear karmic blockages, paving the way for positive change.

The most important tool perhaps, in PLR, just so happens to be hypnosis. Which is also what came up in the call next. Hypnosis in Past Life Regression is a technique used to guide individuals into a deeply relaxed and focused state of consciousness, allowing them to explore memories and experiences from their supposed past lives. It involves inducing a trance-like state, often referred to as a hypnotic trance, in which the person becomes highly receptive to suggestions and imagery.

In the context of Past Life Regression, hypnosis is utilized as a tool to facilitate the exploration of past lives and to access memories that may be hidden in the subconscious mind. The process typically involves a trained therapist guiding the individual into a state of relaxation and heightened suggestibility. While in this state, the individual is encouraged to access memories and impressions from past lives that may hold insights or lessons relevant to their current life.

Hypnosis serves as a powerful tool, enabling access to the subconscious mind. Dr. Saxena likened hypnosis to the brain’s state in the time between waking up and opening our eyes fully, a time when our conscious mind is not awake making it an effective means to explore the depths of the subconscious mind.

As the session drew to a close, participants were treated to a fascinating live age regression experience. As we discussed, age regression involves delving deeper into our subconscious and searching for memories from our childhood or past lives in our current life. It's a powerful way to uncover the sources of the problems we might be facing right now.

Through this unique process, attendees gained invaluable insights into regression therapy, leaving them feeling more relaxed, open, and receptive to the transformative power of PLR therapy. It was truly an eye-opening and enlightening experience for all.

After the session, the participants shared the incredible experiences and transformations they’ve had with Dr Geetanjali:

  • Dhruvi said "I had been battling with chronic back pain for a decade, but after completing Dr. Geetanjali's PLRT course, my pain miraculously vanished. The program's clear and simple explanations have truly been a game-changer for me".

  • A expressed how they used to have severe suicidal tendencies which had consumed them for the past 2 to 3 years. Remarkably, just one session with Dr. Geetanjali completely transformed their outlook on their life.

  • Jovita Reported that her home was plagued by the presence of entities, a problem that Dr. Saxena successfully resolved.

  • Mallav shared "Despite having practiced healing for 17 years, I always felt like something was missing. Learning PLR from Dr. Geetanjali provided me with a profound realization - this therapy is the complete solution I've been seeking".

Dr. Geetanjali's Zoom session on Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy was truly eye-opening and resourceful. Participants discovered the profound connection between their past lives and present challenges, unveiling the key to resolving karmic debts. Empowered with healing and growth, PLR therapy offers a transformative path to liberation.

So, if you're seeking answers, understanding, and profound healing, Dr. Geetanjali's PLR therapy packages are your ticket to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. We encourage you to check out the session and the packages in detail and start your own journey of healing TODAY!

Remember, the past holds the key to your present, and with PLR therapy, you can unlock the door to a liberated and transformative future. Get ready to embark on a soul-searching adventure!

Disclaimer: It is also crucial to acknowledge that accessing unhealed trauma can be a challenging and overpowering journey. Confronting unresolved aspects of your soul and psyche, though essential for breaking behavior patterns, can be a complex process to navigate. Although, our experienced practitioners are here to ably support you through your journey otherwise!

Read the full disclaimer here.


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