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Are you really relaxing?

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What if I told you that you don’t have to pop a pill the next time you’re down with a fever? Yes, the secret’s out of the bag, and you will have it by the end of this blog.

In this fast-paced world, as we try to run faster so we don’t miss the train like Geet (a character from Jab We Met, a Bollywood Movie), we’ve missed the most important thing - to relax!

And by relaxation, I don't mean just sitting on our sofas or beds with a bowl of popcorn and cold coffee, watching our favourite show for the 100th time, and creating imaginary scenarios in our heads. Relaxation is deeper than this!

I realised this when Dr. Kkity S Sancheti shared about gut and sensory relaxation - yep, that’s a thing!

Gut relaxation is essential for our system to function correctly. The food we eat affects our emotions, which is why food is BAE! But it’s important to know that just eating the healthiest food out there is not going to make us healthier if we don’t enjoy it, as our immune system will reject it.

I have eaten the healthiest of foods and drank healthy smoothies, but not because I enjoyed them, but because I thought they were healthy and would help me shed weight. I wish I could have known this earlier, but now that you know it, make the most of it!

Coming to sensory relaxation, why don’t you experience it yourself instead of me telling you? Click here to relax your senses!

Now that you know this, let me tell you how you can heal a fever without medicines as shared by Dr. Kkity.

Fever, cold, and coughs are the result of too many toxins building up in the body - be it physical, mental, or emotional. It is our body’s response to purify. So when you understand this and give it gut and sensory relaxation along with physical and mental relaxation, you would heal a fever without any medications, as a clean body is highly immune and happy, and too many toxins are only going to create clutter.

So the key is to understand and respond to what our body really needs - relaxation!

With this call, I realised that the instant energy booster lies in my kitchen - that bowl of fruits. Wondering why we should look up to energy drinks!

Do you also crave deep-fried and oily foods like fries, churros, or the good old’ pakodas? The next time you do, know that your body is actually asking for fatty acids, and your favourite nuts and seeds have them naturally. I tried this myself when I was craving chips and fries on the weekend but I decided to take a handful of almonds and peanuts instead. And it worked for me, I really forgot I was craving for chips and fries before!

Go grab them right away, but remember to eat what you like because if you don’t, your immune system won’t accept it either.

So, as they say, “Eat what you like and like what you eat!”

If this blog interests you, watch the entire masterclass with more such health-related questions answered by Dr. Kkity, exclusively on The Mystic Lotus AWESOME HEALthier Be! Summit!

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