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QUIZ: Which Millionaire Money Machine Type Is Most Yours?

✓ Give yourself 1 point for each 'Yes'

✓ There are three sets

✓ The set with maximum Yeses is your
Primary Millionnaire Money Machine 

Take the quiz & check your results below in the results section

Type 1

• I have money and I would like more

• I have struggle with people, not money

• I attract people asking me for money

• I would rather give in for peace or walk away, the fighting is not worth it

• I do defend myself but only when pushed into a corner

• Unless I have worked for it, I cannot receive the money

• I enjoy learning new things so I can apply them

• I would rather listen and then speak, although sometimes I get nervous and speak a lot

• I often control my emotions

• I can't just sit back when everyone else is doing work

• I prefer groups rather than one-on-one meetings

• My health is often steady and good

Type 2

• I have money, I want lots more!

• I am in battle with someone or the other most of the time

• My health is deteriorating, I feel it

• I don't remember the last time there was peace in my life

• I get money in chunks, not a steady flow

• I prefer one-on-one meetings with people, rather than groups

• I enjoy talking a lot and take all opportunities to do so

• I am comfortable being visible and enjoy taking selfies, videos and pics


• I resent being asked for money and get very stressed

• I have to fight to get what I want

• I am not ok being on my own and have rarely done so

• I am fiercely loyal and will stick up for the under dog

Type 3

• I have an ancestral or a family business

• I own property/stocks/shares/my own house

• I know how to handle groups of people and one-on-ones

• I don't think too much about money

• I am comfortable with large sums of money coming and going

• I don't think twice before making big strategic investments

• I don't like anyone to see me stressed or vulnerable

• I rarely get requests for money

• I don't work for money but I keep an eye on the bottom line

• My business is better known than me

• I have more branded goodies than not

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Type 1
Millionair type 1.jpeg

Millionaire Money Machine Type 1

The Peaceful Warrior Millionnaire



The Earner, The Server-Saver, The Giver, The Nurturer, The Helper, The Altruist, The Philanthropist, The Supporter, The Employee, The Worker, The Listener, The Calm One, The Adviser, The Teacher, The Researcher, The Patient One, The Sensei-Samurai


Recurrent Money Theme - When all prosper, I prosper


The tortoise who wins the race! You can find great solutions to not spending money and are always there for others. You often have green fingers and like having nature around you. Money is easier for you than people and your downtime as well as solitude is important for your well being

If you are self-employed, you are probably doing a lot of physical stuff like being a home beautician. You like having your people around you and enjoy it when everybody is eating food together or chatting.  You like to share your happiness and learnings and are probably a good gift chooser and giver as you choose gifts you know would be nice and useful

You could be the agony aunt and uncle in your group and even though making small talk socially drains you, you can do it now and then. You love having deep conversations and you like the security of having consistent income and are conscious of saving money. You could have outbursts of temper, but only when defending yourself or your space

For the most part you would prefer not to argue and avoid confrontation.

You feel best when you are helping someone, even at your own cost. You often feel alone, like someone is missing from your life and you could have had an unavailable distant father. Responsibilities come to you at a very young age and this can make you over-responsible for those around you

You have an unspoken good relationship with money. Your fears are often unfounded and break your Millionnaire Money Making machine more than you realise because your need to be reassured and comforted is often unacknowledged by you yourself. Holding your thumb can bring great power to you as there are people and situations you do need to confront instead of continuing to avoid them. You can suffer from confidence crisises, but you are a great worker and somewhere believe that you can work through every situation. Watch out for the over working, over giving, over explaining and putting up with people who don't treat you well (as you can keep giving them chances that are not deserved) as your tendency to not acknowledge means you will not realise how burdened you really are. Added to the fact that you are not comfortable sharing private details of your life means you can get isolated and carry even more stress and pressure


There is an inherent faith with which you lead your life, even if you can't articulate it and this trust is crucial to your prosperity. Life unfolds for you and you get opportunities that take you forward. Work in the present moment without thinking too much of the future and patience will get you your millions!


Your past lives include being a student with an Ascended master and you may have vows of chastity or poverty.  You could have also been a slave, servant or prostitute. You could be trying to shed weight and your most important chakra is your solar plexus (stomach).

Your Biggest Wound


So you will do anything to be liked and accepted and not be seen as bad, including not speaking up to ask or express, become a people pleaser (especially with tyrants and bullies) and have misplaced fairness (sacrificing loyalty to your people in a group). You do not feel worthy or deserving and so do not acknowldge how much you have and how much you get. Your fears of confrontation and being blamed triggers your innate sense of being bad/unacceptable and that can make you play safe at the expense of growing your career or business


Biggest disruptor

guilt/pressure (if you don't feel guilt as everyone does not, you will feel pressure) leading to emotional debt and not being able to keep money. You can end up taking on too much, not exhaling and feeling disorganised - not the way to big monies! guilt also does not let you say no when you want to say no and this can drain your considerable energy and stamina as you are the easiest to be used, misused and abused



Patience & Kindness, Good health and ability move on

Type 2
Millionaire type 2.jpeg

Millionaire Money Machine Type II
The Warrior Millionaire



The Heroine/Hero, The Knightess/Knight, The Princess/Prince, The Saviour, The Rebel, The Activist, The Champion, The Selfie Taker, The Talker, The General-in-Command, The Boss, The Fixer, The Strategist, The Planner, The critic, The Mover & Shaker, The Do-er, The Leaper, The Sportsperson, The Protector, The Ninja, The Brave One


Recurrent Money Theme - I prosper, others may or may not


If there is one thing you can't bear, it is injustice. Champion of the underdogs, you tend to attract challenges everywhere as you love winning. Your desire to win is so high, you will stay in tension fraught situations and relationships, just waiting to win. You are the activist and you do a lot of good in the world, now if only everybody would listen!

The Knight's biggest weapon is the body and you can be obsessed with yours!

You like to plan and often, as beforehand as possible. You can sometimes take this too far, but it is your biggest source of sanity, so you do need to do it. It comes from your warrior psyche wanting to prepare before battle

You like breaking down the plan into action points and are seen as an organisation ninja by those around you! Unlike Money Making Type I who can put up with disorganised energies, you are lost without a clear way forward. It makes you a great event manager and general in command especially if you can bring focus to your desire to chat/talk/crib/complain and start listening


You like being the knight in shining armour, centrestage and your archetype is most comfortable with attention and visibility. You like having people around, especially if they are doing what they are told (a little bit of the next money making type III), wearing bright colours and chunky jewellery. You would be comfortable being a movie star and have probably been attracted to the visible industry of modelling, Instagram reels, and even with food. You are the one who wants to take the pics at gatherings and share them with everybody!


Your strength is one-on-ones more than group interactions (very important to keep in mind when you are talking to potential clients or suitors). You're capable of long hours of chatting unlike Millionnaire Money Machine type I and when you can channel this big energy to speak about a specific subject, you would be amazed at how much you have to offer


Your biggest challenge is to know which battle to stop fighting (because you fight every!), choose which bridges to burn (because you burn them all!) and whose business to stop interfering in. You can push yourself inauthentically and this will show in your health and wealth. Watch out for making your loyalty about yourself and getting greedy for money or attention. The Hero wins only when they are not being narcissistic, even though seeing the big picture is not your strength, so you need to develop your listening to get that picture!

You also do better working with Millionnaire types 1 and 3 as on your own, your desire to fight could sabotage your business. Being that trustworthy aide is how you will make your millions!


There is often some abuse and bullying going on as part of the challenges you attract and your money-making machine breaks down when your health pays a price as you can dishonour the body by pushing it. A challenging relationship is normal for you as your truth is to fight to get what you want. You often receive money from unexpected quarters in bits and spurts; only in the early years of your life would have some steady income happened and that too for a short while. You can end up with an activist NGO and go into battle trying to get funds. More than any other type, your health is your wealth and the more committed you are to your well-being, the better your money opportunities and flows will be. You are comfortable valuing yourself highly - be mindful to do so with honesty


You have past lives of war, ostracisation, enemies and may remember some lives as a witch or wizard. Your most important chakra is the root chakra and sacral chakra. Mudra tapping with the little finger will help stabilise your fighting passionate spirit into win-win battles

Your biggest wound


So you want to be seen as a hero/heroine and winner, right at any cost. You can cut off nose to spite face, hold grudges and pay a physical price for comfort with anger, misplaced loyalty (sacrificing fairness in the bargain so you believe only how you see the world is right) and do not learn easily as you do not like to listen, especially to feedback (it triggers your sense of wrongness of self) and since learning is required for bigger earnings and status, you may find yourself being overlooked for promotions


Biggest disruptor

blind anger and blindness to your own anger leading to breakdown of health and therefore of wealth as you can see the world's wrongness, but not your own. anger is fire and it repels so ultimately money stops coming in. You could end up hoarding internally and externally as you remember every bit of injustice done to you and you have a tendency to attract enemies (who will you fight if you don't!). Your precious energy could be used up in fighting the useless fight, paranoia and conspiracy theories where everyone is out to get you even as your impatience (another money stopper) increases.



Go-getters & Motivators, Energise others, Planning Ninja

Type 3
Millionaire type 3.jpeg

Millionaire Money Machine Type III

The Empire Builder Millionaire


The Empress/Emperor, The Queen/King, The Creator, The Empire builder, The Visionary, The Eccentric, The Genius, The Mentor, The Leader, The Businessperson, The Ruler, The Maverick


Recurrent Money Theme - I prosper, All Prosper


Fingers in quite a few pies!! Either you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you have been able to get one for yourself!

You experience luxury often and prefer it to backpacking!

You don't have money on your mind as it is very normal for you to have it, work with it, manage it or play with it. Your comfort with big numbers coming and going comes from money being, well, normal in your life

You also know the importance of investing in yourself and partnerships to grow your business. At your most empowered, you feel good when everyone around is doing well and making money and making good deals is a joy for you

You may or may not be generous as you have a business-oriented mind and have a different understanding of the value of money. You prefer solution-based healing so you can get strategies to implement and at your highest vibration are comfortable hiring those who know more than you. It is only a matter of time before you understand the importance of internal healing for best results in your health and wealth because externally your massage/spa routine is pretty much in place!


Your ideas and solutions are usually game changers and your business gets known better than you. You bring changes in your industry or globally and thus are responsible for the creation of many jobs, industries and standards. Responsibilities come to you early, Like Millionaire Money Machine type I but you know the importance of delegation (unlike Type I)

You prefer to carry cards or your cheque book instead of cash and are great at networking. You may not be able to pay attention to details as you prefer to have your team work out the nitty gritties and since you are willing to pay people for the value they provide, this could sometimes mean you hire people superficially. You need to constantly prune the dead weight your organisation could be carrying and choose the Healthy Heroine/Hero AND The PeaceFULL Warrior to take on more

Depending on whether you were given your kingdom or made it as a peaceful Warrior Millionaire or Heroine/Hero Millionaire, yours is the only Millionaire Money Machine type that can look at profits and set up a business, especially if you are willing to do the work in the initial stages. You get passive income easily and you could have the Midas touch! A lot of your money goes into investments and wealth creation. The word 'savings' does not cross your mind!


Your millions come from diversification of your business, often with good relationships in the government and other business leaders

Your status shows in branded bags, jewellery, cars, houses...

Yin yang mudra for balancing ideas and action is ideal for you


Your biggest wound


You cannot bear to be looked down on as you believe in your superiority and are firm in your footing in your industry. A hidden inferiority complex can make it difficult to recover from setbacks (you get low and small) and you can live in past glories. For the most part, exercise, food and care routines are part of your life but when you feel small, you stop these and can turn to a pleasure-centric life or in anger, turn to Type II and seek attention instead of paying attention to your business. Keep it about the growth, expansion and diversification for your best results! If that means you need to grow up, begin!


Biggest disruptor


That makes you live in the past and so totally block off present possibilities and opportunities. Since most of your learnings happen early in life, you may end up believing that you have nothing left to learn and so not grow. It is easy for you to be unaccountable and leave debts for your next gen, so think long-term again and borrow from the other machines to move forward



Seeing the Big picture & Delegation, Investor, Doesn't make decisions based on money

How do you take these understandings forward? How do you apply these to your money flows?

ACTIVATE! Your Millionaire Money Machine For Your biiigest wealth!

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