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Melt away in seconds

The Decrees are cosmic commands that are spoken. 

They are the language of ascension (5D) bringing us to lightness, ease and relief IN SECONDS! There is nothing faster! 

In fact our MP3 is also less than 3 mins!

Check it out for yourself with the anxiety, GONE, ALL GONE MP3

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Welcome to the simplest, easiest, gentlest, FASTEST transformative tool IN THE WORLD; There is nothing faster!

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About Nidhu B Kapoor

Moonworker, blocks-buster, stress demolisher and Retrograde Specialist, Nidhu B. Kapoor is owner and sharer of the world's fastest healing modality — The Decrees, a new language of 5D where manifestations take place at the speed of thought and word. The Decrees are a language of light and lightness. From cats, dogs, money, plants, plantar fasciitis, PCOD, gout, IBS, relationships with mother, father, boss, friends, sister, brother, mother in law, peers, colleagues, studies, focus, delays, opportunities, clairgifts, insomnia, weight release, unworthiness, cravings, pain, stress, negativities, fever, headaches, chronic projects, weakness, computer glitches, phone issues, electrical outages, entities, The Decrees can be used on anything and anyone, everyone and everything, anytime, anywhere, even in your dreams!

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Nidhu is a life-scientist decoding universal energies of our time. The intuitive planetary reader and 5D expert brings her unique blend of word-technology to give you the quickest way to heal, shift, change and transform your life, your health, and your wealth - THERE IS NOTHING FASTER OR SIMPLER!

Deep and complete healing work takes anywhere from 8 months to three years, BUT with THE DECREES, it takes seconds, minutes, weeks and just a few months!

Check out the MP3 that will melt away your anxiety IN SECONDS!

Speedster, angel and magician is her middle name and 1000s of people around the world vouch for her and her work. The only practitioner in the world doing 5 min Speedster Lightning and 10 mins Speedster sessions,  prepare for some life changing, mind blowing and heart opening vibrations with the use of just words and numbers!

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About The Decrees

If you knew how powerful your words are, you would realise how much power you carry. The Decrees are words and sentences that use this power most powerfully. Whether it is to clear a block or attract a manifestation, they work faster than any other process in the world. The decrees work at all levels you can think of - head, heart, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, ancestral, family and DNA programs simultaneously.

How does it work?
Everything is energy, including language. Energy is a vibratatory, sentient frequency. We are constantly vibrating. Whatever or whoever we see, hear, touch, smell, taste is also vibrating. We respond or react to the vibrations we come across and others respond or react to our vibrations. Words are a vibration. Decrees are words with very high vibration. They carry a frequency that when used in a certain way, heal faster than anything else! 

Decrees can take us from low vibrations of fear based decisions or ego based power games  to a high vibration of guided answers and win-win solutions. Use the Decrees for anything - from coughs to heartbreak to chronic pain to finding lost pets to shedding weight to making 6 times your bank account to sleeping better to just feeling amazing and confident.

Amazing Features of the Decrees

★ The simplicity of the process – it is just words!


★ The Decrees give the fastest results in the world - in seconds and minutes!

★ Use it on anything and everything, anyone and everyone

★ It’s easy to do it yourself, for yourself, loved ones, clients, pets and plants too!

★ Trauma from the past goes away

★ PTSD comes down

★ Stuckness releases, blocks get busted

★ Enjoy sensing the shifts within, especially if you are an empath

★ See results in the external world within 24 hours!

★ Chronic Projects get relief in minutes

★ You connect to your authenticity and truth fastest

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