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Deepakk Raisinghani

Deepakk Raisinghani

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Become a Trauma-Busting
Inner Child Healing Specialist

✓ Become a Healing Practitioner

✓ Learn Deepakk's Comprehensive Inner Child Healing System 

✓ Receive 7 Powerful Clearings to Heal like a PRO!

✓ Lifetime group support, PDF notes, E-certification & Lots More!

Healers' Training Summit 2024

call 1 replay

CLICK HERE for Deepakk's Sacred Space MP3

Highlights from Call 1

Click Here7 Types of Trauma; Connection between traumas and inner child healing 

Click Here - How thoughts and emotions affect our organs, decision-making and entire life 

Click Here - 6 Angels, 2 Lords & 7 Clearing Processes make you invincible 

Click Here - Course so powerful, she was releasing blocks non-stop in class - Deepakk's Inner Child Healing Course

Click Here - Powerful guided process by Deepakk Raisinghani to clear a year or any particular trauma you choose

Click Here - How a Mother uses Inner Child Healing to help her child with special needs win at life:course review


Highlights from Call 2

Click here - Know which emotions and habits are impacting which organs in your body? For e.g. how anger affects the liver and so on...
Click here - Guided Healing Process: Meet your inner child and release negative emotions blocking you


Highlight from Call 3

Click Here - Guided Process to see how it feels to be in our Mother's womb & clear negativity-Deepakk Raisinghani


Inner Child Healing System Practitioner Course

@ US$ 341 / Rs 24,999

That's 72% OFF


60-90 minutes

Online One-on-One Comprehensive

Inner Child Healing Session

@ US$ 89 / Rs 6,500

That's 82% OFF

About Inner Child Healing System!

As we live, we experience various emotions, good, bad and ugly. These emotions get solidified into blocks, implants and boundaries that limit us as individuals and make us live in comfort zones, remain stuck or suffer in health, wealth or relationships. All of these register themselves in our cellular memory. Each cell in our body (we have close to 60 to 84 trillion cells) carries a cellular memory.  


Deepakk's Inner Child Healing system helps clear each of those stuck negativities from the cellular memory from each year in a person's life. Healing is even done for the mother's womb to clear any issue or deficiency that was passed to the individual which was not for their highest good.

Signs that the Inner Child Needs Work

• Relationship issues (as the person carries hurt and pains from childhood and remains in a shell due to some traumas)

Due to inferiority complex or watching the relationship of one's parents/siblings or others around and due to some failures one may have experienced, they tend to avoid authority roles and take responsibilities

• Kidney/ Liver issues: Due to fear / anger / surprise / shock, one may have excretory issues and imbalances (eg. constipation, urine disorders, UTI, etc.)

• Overthinking leads to heart and spleen dysfunction and drains you of your energy.

There may be lack of passion in work and one may get tired very soon if not appreciated

Why Learn With Deepakk

• Start healing others from the 2nd day itself!


• Have a Rewarding Career as many across the world are choosing inner child healing


• Be the preferred healer who helps people heal without having them revisit traumas and details


Heal children too - change the future of the world!


• Become a solution-oriented healer


• Be protected: Heal many people daily while remaining energetic and unaffected by their’ energies


• Your intuition will increase with practice


• Receive Deepakk’s professional guidance, lifetime support and ever-expanding healing processes

Also Perfect for Self-Healing, Freedom & Happiness!

• Heal all parental traumas, sibling rivalry, discrimination, any kind of abuse, addiction, etc.


• Catalyse the change you’ve always wanted in your family!


• Heal stuck emotions, thereby healing organs & health


• Finally, have loving, fulfilling and non-toxic relationships


Thrive career-wise; explore repressed talents & leadership


Remain shielded by others’ negativities


• Be equipped to easily clear anything new that comes up

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People's Amazing Results

A learner helped heal many clients' inner child and went on to channel his own healing modalities!


A learner who had a major disconnect due to her mother's trauma and hate due to hatred for her father, was able to accept him and since has moved on to channel her energies from other galaxies!


A lady, physically and emotionally abused during her childhood and then by her husband was able to release all pain, fears and trauma. She now continues to remain in the same marriage but earns independently and stands up for herself!


A 54-year-old lady with insomnia and many health disorders has turned around her life and is growing more and more enthusiastic!


A girl who was sexually abused during her teens grew up to be very withdrawn and angry and was facing major obstacles in her professional life. After Deepakk's healing, she got 2 back-to-back promotions!


A person with Schizophrenia (on medication) - after this healing, their symptoms subsided and are on the path to recovery

Deepakk's Limited-Period Special Offers

Inner Child Healing System Practitioner Course
PLUS Receive 7 Clearings (and Bonuses)



✓ Heal yourself, your family & clients

✓ Get attuned to -

• 7 Archangels

• 2 Lords

• THE Symbol for Inner Child Healing

✓ Receive 7 clearings to Heal like a PRO!

✓ Total 12 hrs live course on Zoom (2 days. 6 hrs each day)



✓ Class replays

✓ PDF notes

✓ Practitioner’s E-certificate


• Types of Trauma; their effects on body & living

• Ancestral issues’ manifestations and Solutions

• Winning with your fears

• All about Triggers and healing them

• Bubble Boundaries

• Receive THE Healing Symbol

• Processes for Clearing, Healing & Upgrading

• Womb Healing Process

• Healing leading to karmic awareness

• Healthy Shielding

• Full of relatable stories and case studies

RECEIVE 7 EXCLUSIVE CHANNELLED PROCESSES to make you a Healer inside out!

Meet Your Inner Child; connect to your blueprint

Clearing all pain, trauma, pent-up resentment from cellular memory from all years of your life

Healing for your Mother’s womb, and for your every year till your current age
Identify (and of course heal) 15 negative vibrations as your body experiences it

Progress from 3D to 5D dimension

Subconscious blocks clearing for reaching goals

Know your Clairs, work with your strengths

RECEIVE Attunement to 7 Archangels, 2 Lords, St. Germain and ONE all-healing Symbol!


 Mother's Womb healing process and to clear any attached negativities


6 Group Practice Sessions (once a month)

• Free Revision of Full Course! (to be availed within a year)

• Lifetime WhatsApp Group Support (ask questions, stay updated)

• 2 MP3s

1. For healing habits

2. Daily healing for your Inner Child

• Professional guidance for your first 5 clients

• Lifetime Access to Deepakk’s 3 Healer's Training Summit 2024 Call-Replays


12 hrs (across 2 days, 6 hrs each class)

Time: 4pm - 10pm India / 6.30am - 12.30pm ET



2 & 3 July 2024 (Tue & Wed)



6 & 7 July 2024 (Sat & Sun)

60-90 minutes Comprehensive
Inner Child Healing Session (and Bonuses)

• Ask about any number of concerns from any area of your life (in the given duration)

• You DON’T need to share any detail of your issue

• Deepakk can share the recording of the session with you PROVIDED you request for it before the session starts 


• Cellular memory of your life’s EVERY YEAR will be cleared, healed & energised!

• Receive Karmic Board members’ energies 
- Release vows, dark energies, suppressed anger, anxiety, stress, self-destructive habits, etc. 

- Heal from current age back till your mother’s womb
- Your mother’s womb healed upto your current age

• Receive healing with 1 Symbol, 7 Angelic light and 2 Lords’ energies

• 1 Follow-up Session of 10-15 minutes (on phone call)
• 1 month personal WhatsApp support (ask any queries related to the session)
• 2 MP3s 
1. For healing habits
2. Daily healing for your Inner Child

Lifetime Access to Deepakk’s 3 Healer's Training Summit 2024 Call-Replays

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Meet Your Trainer, Deepakk Raisinghani

Deepakk Raisinghani

Deepakk Raisinghani, a gifted intuitive person, transitioned from a corporate managerial role marked by numerous challenges and fluctuations to an alternative healing path. The pivotal moment arose when he encountered black magic, prompting a shift in faith towards the realm of alternate healing.


In 2019, he heeded the call of his life path and relinquished his career to pursue healing full time. Since then, Deepakk has developed 12 healing processes and 3 empowering courses, with more in the pipeline. His approach emphasises the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul, evident in offerings such as the Third Eye Ascension course, Karmic and Ancestral healing system, Inner Child and processes like Nadi Clearing, Aura clearing, spirit/ entity clearing for people and properties, Abundance unlocking, Relationship healing, emotional healing and many more.


Amidst the covid pandemic, Deepakk channelled a powerful modality for Inner Child Healing with multiple healing processes, resulting in the creation of "The Inner Child Healing System."

If you have any questions or need help, connect with us:


Ph: +91 93220 17119

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