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Smriti Shivdasani

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✔ Multiple Ways of healing Money

✔ Live Healing Meditation & Remote Transmissions

✔ Also - Workshop & 8 Days Money Symbol Activation 

✔ Special Offers Valid for Limited Time Only!

The Devi Tele Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

★ Everything is Money - clothes we are wearing, chair we are sitting on, house / space we are living in. Who says you don’t have Money! Everything we have has been transferred from cash to the thing. 


★ Our reality shows up based on how we see it as - as a victim or as a learner. Everything going on in our lives is our curriculum for growth. 

★ The 5 types of wounds we may go through are - 
abandonment, rejection, betrayal, injustice, humiliation 

Only when we embrace our imperfections in any situation is when we can start to open up to having peace, joy, security, contentment and sense of power

For more eye-opening insights and powerful guided process, check out the call replay

1 Call Replay
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PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS: Savings upto 57%!


Money Healing Group Meditation (Live Online) PLUS 5 Remote Abundance Frequency Transmissions


✔ 1 Money Healing Group Meditation of 1.5 hrs (Live online)

✔ 5 Remote Abundance Frequency Transmissions (10 mins each)

✔ BONUS Live Zoom Masterclass - The Power of Vision (2 hrs)


Original Price:  Rs 8,708 / US$ 128

Special Price: Rs 3,701 / US$ 55 • 57% OFF


'Embrace The Divine' Process With Smriti

This technique has been downloaded by Smriti. All healing is a side effect of Consciousness. Any thing that is not working for you is a result of unconsciousness. As we release the unconscious and choose more consciousness instead, transformation is possible.

In this work, we release the unconsciousness around money. We bring the unconscious into our awareness, drop the resistance, then invite the consciousness in and release the unconscious to it.

You are the source of your reality. You and you alone get to decide how much money you can create and have. Claim your creative power!

Benefits of 'Embrace The Divine' Process With Smriti

★ Release negative energies around losses and failures


★ Release competitive energies


★ Release limiting beliefs and lack consciousness


★ Reclaim your abundance


★ Living with Prosperity consciousness


★ Generate lucrative ideas

★ Increase income

About Your Healer-Instructor, Smriti Shivdasani

Smriti Shivdasani-New.jpeg

Smriti Shivdasani is a Light Healing Frequencies, Light Key Wellness System and Body Whispering facilitator. She is also a Life Transformation facilitator and Life coach. Smriti facilitates various kinds of Transformation workshops, group coaching programs and also works individually with people enabling them to create a life they truly love.

Smriti is an entrepreneur at heart, and post her MBA she worked in the field of Investment Banking and Retail Banking for a few years. She then went on to establish and successfully run a Real Estate and Jewelry & Home Accessories Business for two decades.

Having had a tough childhood, Smriti’s adult life showed up with difficult relationships, no money and cancer, which led her to alternate healing. Fascinated by what she learnt about the mind-body-spirit connection, she chose to dive in and study various healing modalities and went on to become a Life Transformation facilitator and Life coach. From being an entrepreneur, Smriti has successfully moved into this new role fully.

Since 2013, Smriti has facilitated change for over 1,000s of people through her workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions.

Smriti's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A: Money Healing Group Meditation (Live Online) PLUS 5 Remote Abundance Frequency Transmissions

★ The Power of Vision Masterclass -

Money Masterclass (Weekend of Wealth - WOW!) - Live Zoom Call (2 hrs)


★ Get clarity with your Money targets

★ Establish congruence with Money targets

★ Become a vibrational match to your target


✔ On Sunday, 9 Oct 2022 at 3pm India / 5.30am ET (up to 2 hrs duration)

✔ Call recording available

1. ONE Healing Group Meditation of 1.5 hrs (Live Online on Zoom)

★ To heal your relationship with Money

★ Guided meditation using the ‘Embrace The Divine’ process

★ Call recording will be shared


✔ On Zoom on 17 Oct 2022

At 6pm - 7.30pm India / 8.30am - 10am ET

2. FIVE Remote Abundance Frequency Transmissions

★ Smriti will remotely do the transmission of the frequency

★ Simply be in receiving mode for approx. 10 minutes each day

★ Updates of each session will be shared on the WhatsApp group

✔ From 18 - 22 Oct 2022

At 9pm India / 11.30am ET

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