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With 3-time award-winning Akashic Records master,

Arpita Thakkar

Join on 28 April 2024 (Sunday) @ 10.30am

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3 Karmic Keys to heal past, present & future

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People Love Arpita!

Arpita’s reading for my special child has helped me understand him and his past life karma with me. There is a difference now in how I see my son.

- Rohit

Learning Akashic reading from Arpita has been the best skill through the best teacher ever.
- Ashwini
Arpita is an excellent teacher. I am very impressed by her. She is a master of all, polite and soft-spoken.
- Jyoti
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Why You Should Attend This Webinar

What you didn’t know about Akashic Records will be shared here! 

• Know how this much-loved technique can help heal things you are not understanding or have been out of your control

Releasing, Resolution, Manifestation - be it healing a deep wound or the ambition to manifest, see how Akashic Records can help it all

• If past lives, karma and healing across lifetimes intrigue you, BE HERE!

• Explore one of the easiest ways to connect with your higher self

• Looking to start as a healer or build your portfolio? Arpita is a highly sought-after teacher and will share how you can become an Akashic practitioner yourself

Who Should Join This Webinar


Those feeling stuck,

clueless about life purpose

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Individuals looking for

deep healing


If experiencing recurring challenges in health & relationships


Those unable to break harmful financial patterns

spiritualy aligned.png

The spiritually aligned


Existing healers or

complete beginners

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Those curious about past lives and karma


Those who wish to become Akashic Records experts

Here's What You'll Gain!

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YOU Clear & Rewrite a Record!

Join a powerful guided process for your any unpleasant experience. Arpita will guide you to clear and rewrite that record. You will get important insights, be able to let it go and also look at the event positively! People are know to experience deep releases after this process. This is an actual glimpse you will experience from Arpita’s Level 1 & Level 2 Akashic Records courses!

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Receive Love Frequency Healing

These are exclusively channelled frequencies by Arpita and you will receive them to feel great and uplifted instantly!

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Learn the 3 Karmic Keys

What role can Akashic Records play with respect to our karmic account? Find out along with the 3 Karmic Keys that hold the power to heal our past, present and future. They are so simple yet powerful. You will be amazed you had them all along and yet didn’t use them fully…


Get Channelled Guidance from Akashic Records

All participants will receive a message channelled by Arpita based on the energies of the group. This could be something related to any area of your life that the Universe wants you to know at that moment.

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Select FREE Readings!

Arpita will give readings to chosen participants’ by opening their records!! This will be an amazing opportunity to see how it is done plus some of you experiencing Arpita’s expertise that has won her many awards!

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Receive BONUS Angel Guidance MP3!!

Along with the call replay (Yes! Replay will be mailed to those who sign up), you will be mailed an MP3 with Arpita’s guided meditation to connect with the Angelic realm and receive guidance. The best part about this MP3 is that you can use this any time you are feeling stuck or need clarity to many any decision. 


WhatsApp Group & Webinar Replay

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a WhatsApp group link in the email. This group is where Arpita will share FREE readings, healing updates, special announcements and more. And of course, the webinar replay will also be mailed to you.

Get All These AT NO COST!

Join on 28 April 2024 (Sunday) @ 10.30am

Arpita's prayers provided guidance and helped me in solving my issues. I truly appreciate the way she guides and is ready to go out of her way to help.

- Manali

Arpita is patiently listens to all your problems, and provides healing and guidance. Her openness and clear expectations of the messages are highly appreciated!
- Sulagna
Arpita teaches Akashic in an authentic way. I have seen her progression in 2.5 years and learning Akashic from her has taught me to be my authentic self.
- Soumya
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Arpita's Awards!

★ Naari Shakti Award (2017)

★ 3 times award-winner for the Best Akashik Records Coach

★ Brands Impact Golden Glory Award 2023 (“Most Profound Alternative Therapist Specializing in Training and Healing Through Akashic Records”)
★ Facilitated @ the National Summit on Holistic Sciences and Wellness (Edition 3)


Meet Your Healer,
Arpita Thakkar

Arpita Thakkar is an alternative therapist, spiritual coach, Akashic Records trainer, Reiki grandmaster, Tarot card reader, Angel guidance facilitator, Bach flower therapist, Pendulum dowsing teacher, switchwords master, Humkara with Haleem master, automatic writing teacher, and author of two books 'Turning the Mind Lights on' and ‘Akashic Records: Unlock to Unblock You’.

A trainer and practitioner of over ten years, Arpita has had her work featured in Gyankalash and Wedzilla Magazines. She has won the 'Naari Shakti' Award (2017) and three times the award winner for the Best Akashik Records Coach.

Among all her specialties, Akashik Records is her favourite modality to practise and teach. Using this modality, she explores deeper connections between people and the Universe and the energies that flow within it. She is grateful to access the knowledge and karmas from different past lives to heal and clear blockages in the current life and unlock the healthiest and smoothest future. She provides insights on relationship problems, family disruptions, legal and financial concerns, behavioural patterns, health issues, etc. and a range of remedies for well-being across all areas of life.

She has successfully trained over a 1,000 national and international students in Akashic Records and has performed over a 1,000 Akashic readings for her students and seekers. Even with an ever-increasing number of people approaching her, Arpita dutifully continues to personally conduct all her Akashic Records classes and readings. Known as a humble and generous practitioner, Arpita has also created two Courses downloaded from the wisdom of Akashic Records. Her special Courses ‘The Love Frequency Workshop’ and ‘The Akashic Abundance Course’ have helped people in healing and manifestation practices, enabling their well-being in different aspects of life.

She envisions her work reaching a wider global audience while enriching her home networks. Learning and teaching charges her Soul and she wishes to guide people in recharging theirs.

Arpita-ji is such a blessed soul. She is a great guru, always present to guide you. Her teachings are blessings.

- Priya

As per Arpita’s Akashic reading guidance, my relationship with my son has now changed for the better. I can see lot of positive changes!
- Meenu
I always find it better to take suggestions from Arpita and her predictions are also true. 
- Shruti
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There are limited spots only!

Join on 28 April 2024 (Sunday) @ 10.30am

✓ YOU Clear & Rewrite a Record!

✓ Receive Love Frequency Healing

✓ Learn the 3 Karmic Keys

Get Channelled Guidance from Akashic Records

✓ Select FREE Readings!

✓ Receive BONUS Angel Guidance MP3!!

✓ WhatsApp Group & Webinar Replay

Get All These AT NO COST!

DISCLAIMER: The webinar(s) by Arpita Thakkar are not hosted by the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies. Any offer(s), insights, programs shared by Arpita on this call is independent of the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies. 
This is not a heal quickly scheme or event. This is an online informative event. This webinar is recorded and may be shared across social media, including highlights from the calls. Please be aware of this while coming on the WhatsApp group or live call for live readings / demonstrations and sharing your personal details. Any request to delete or hide any part(s) of the call won't be considered. Also, the WhatsApp group is intended to be a safe space for all participants. Any participant posting any message on the group or to any of its members, not in line with our T&Cs (link below), may be removed from the group.  

All the information on the calls, groups, events and websites of The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies are for information purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional financial, medical or psychological advice, guidance, diagnosis or treatment. It is recommended you see a medical or relevant professionals first for any illness or concerns whatsoever / financial advisor for your Money decisions.
We do not offer medical diagnosis, advice, course of treatment or any other opinion on your conditions or treatment options. All terms & conditions mentioned on our terms page here are applicable

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