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Zennobiia Navil Edulkaka

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Lenormand Oracle Workshop & Session

✔ Zennobiia's Exclusive Deck Launch!

✔ Become a trainer with advanced level

✔ Loads of bonuses including crash course

✔ Bonus personalised message in session

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Highlights from the Call

Click Here - THIS IS Lenormand! How's it different from Tarot?

Click Here - SUPER FUN! YOU do the reading here! Start now

Click Here - Reading for YOU! What needs to be worked on in 2022

Click Here - Clear, crisp and FUN! Live readings with the Lenormand

Click Here - Doctor turns to Card Reading! Here's how

Click Here - Reading for 2022! 

About Lenormand Oracle

The Lenormand is a deck of cards that provides very practical answers to queries. It is an oracle which helps to guide and prompt us in the right direction. The classical deck consists of 36 cards, each with a lucid image and a playing card insert.

This deck is inspired by Marie Anne Lenormand, the 18th-century French fortune-teller who rose to fame during Napoleon’s rule. She is widely considered in France as the greatest card reader of all time.

The Lenormand is based on the principle of providing holistic solutions to life situations. This deck of cards can be reached out for guidance for all kinds of life issues, be it health, relationships, family dynamics, monies or career and more!

The Lenormand cards are popular because of their simple imagery that is favourable for beginners. They also rate high among advanced practitioners due to their ability to describe and provide answers related to even complex situations.

This form of card reading merges beautifully with other types you may already be practising such as Tarot and Angel cards.

How are Lenormand Cards Different from Tarot Cards?
• Lenormand Cards come with a direct and crisp narrative. For example, a bouquet of flowers, no matter what the colour, will always mean a “gift”.

• The Tarot gets into the nuances of things, the Lenormand is more direct.

Who is the workshop for…

• Amateurs – Those looking to read their first deck of cards.

• Seasoned Readers – those looking to add a new deck to their practice.

• In short anyone & everyone, as there is no special kind.

• You don’t need a particular background… only an open mind and heart to receive insight and guide others.

Benefits of Learning Lenormand with Zennobiia

★ Get direct, clear and crisp narratives

★ Learn to get guidance for everyday AND complex situations too

★ Angel cards, Tarot and other healing techniques merge excellently with Lenormand

★ More learning - Cartomancy aspect included (advanced level)

★ Handy tool to guide your family, children, friends and also clients professionally!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Zennobiia Navil Edulkaka


From being a homemaker to being a mom to a child with special needs, Zennobiia today is also a highly respected Lenormand Card Reader & Numerologist. She has expanded her healing outreach with Moksha Patta divination and Astrology.

​Zennobiia has had more than 3 decades of experience in the world of educating children with special needs and their families. She has widened her horizon by incorporating Lenormand Cards to help people in more ways and has been at it successfully for many years now!

​She is known for her accurate readings, compassion and humour and her workshops are highly anticipated events. In an effort to reach people in different parts of the globe, Zennobiia regularly conducts her workshops online.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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