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Sushant Shhah

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✔ Sessions include analysis, remedies & support

✔ Comprehensive astro-numerology combination

✔ Practitioner & Trainer level workshops

✔ No prior experience or knowledge required

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Highlights from the Call

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Astro-Numerology with Sushant

Sushant presents the powerful combination of astrology and its sub-branch, numerology.


Thrive at your job and in personal relationships by knowing the core needs of other people.
Understand yourself better and how to deal with situations.
Choose favourable numbers in your life – mobile, bank account, car, password, house, name and much more.
 Know your own core weaknesses and those of others in order to co-exist peacefully.
Get clarity about your future to make more informed choices.
Dissolve resistance in career by choosing an appropriate career for self or family members.
Analyse or build better compatibility with any person.
Suggest favourable colours for company logo and interiors and earn handsome money.

You’ve got to do this program if

• You are looking for the most comprehensive Numerology course in the world!

You wish to give readings at par with celebrated numerologists in the country!

You want to be equipped to offer dozen more remedies other than just name spelling change

You want to be able to offer people readings even when you don’t know their Date of Birth

You want to offer unique suggestions on Signature, accurate way to find out health issues, do income prediction and much, much more!

You want to become like a one-stop-shop for all Astro Numerology Needs in all departments

You are an existing Numerologist or Healer of any modality and want to give an unbeatable advantage to your career

Why you must achieve Numero-Mastery with Sushant

✔ Personality assessment + remedies + name correction + prediction = All in one course

✔ Covers important aspects of Chaldean, Pythagorean, Chinese and Vedic Numerology

✔ Divine Mantras for happiness in all areas of life

✔ Divine Yantras to balance negativities and accelerate manifestations

✔ More than 15 unique remedies for all areas of life

✔ Master simple, convenient, effective remedies

✔ Learn to make accurate readings without referring to notes often

✔ Learn impact of numbers in our past, present and future

For those looking to become a Professional Numerologist

✔ No prior knowledge of numerology required

✔ Healers of other modalities can guide clients more specifically

✔ Provide clients in-depth analysis with confidence

✔ Create professional, neat and personalised reports for clients

✔ Techniques to create reports quickly using technology

✔ Which words to never use in your reports

✔ Get template for report generation

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Sushant Shhah


Sushant Shhah is a learner at the core with a passion in alternative sciences. He is a prolific healer who has learned over 70 healing modalities and practises over 30 of those!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
-Albert Einstein

Sushant believes that the essence of human nature is the natural willingness to help. His most in-depth Astro-Numerology course is his way of introducing this into real life!

Even with over 10 years of experience in healing, divination and coaching, Sushant prefers not to be addressed as an expert! He would love to be known as a person who learns, unlearns, analyses, takes action and risks.

Sushant’s biggest strength is that he combines and interlinks multiple modalities, which makes healing and learning more interesting and holistic! He tests every technique, idea and even intuition – every piece of it and implements what works for himself and his clients’ highest good.

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