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Sunainaa Agrawwal

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Mokshapatt - Personal Session & Workshop

✔ Resolve any issue at karmic level

✔ Practise and become a trainer

✔ Get soft copy of Mokshapatt board

✔ Learn to do multiple type of readings

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What is Mokshapatt

Mokshapatt is the ancient Vedic dice game of snakes and ladders, which is used as a divination tool. Moksha (Salvation) Pata (Board) – it’s literally the board for salvation! This predictive game was created to teach values and give moral instructions to children. The ladders represent good deeds, while the snakes represent evil ones.

So in a game, the good deeds (ladders) elevate you, while the negative deeds (snakes) results in rebirth as a lower life form. The goal is to learn through the journey of the game and reach the last square which symbolises salvation. Today, most Mokshapatt games have 72 squares. Each square is filled with wisdom from the Vedas.

Also, in ancient times, when the exact time and date of birth of people was not available, this board was used to provide predictions and guidance to people. It has continued to remain a trusted interesting way to guide people in their lives.

How it works
Mokshapatt is a fascinating divination board game based on the Vedas and laws of karma. Ask whatever you want, and receive knowledge and guidance from the highest intelligence.

Our soul progresses and evolves through several lifetimes. Our present lifetime is a testimony of a lot of things we undergo in our subconscious and experience in hour hearts. There are many things hidden in the subconscious. Many reasons contribute to a particular situation to be the way it is. All this is reflected in the mokshapatt.

The throwing of the dice determines the kind of karma involved in a particular situation. The questions-answers go into the journey of understanding the events that have happened that are responsible for the situation. And through this inquiry, we are guided towards the answers we are looking for.


Find answers to your day-to-day questions or deep-level answers for major life situations.
Learn deep hidden reasons and karmic factors of problems and how to resolve them
Don’t have correct date or time of birth? No problem! Get horoscope-level reading done.
You can introduce your children to spirituality in a very fun and interactive way.
Get insights on why things are happening the way they are.
Get a greater understanding of yourself, your soul purpose, karmic cycles and how to attain peace with your situation.
Evolve in your soul journey by mastering the Vedic concepts of birth, death and reincarnation.

Who is this Program for...

• For all spiritual explorers - for spiritual knowledge

• Homemakers and teachers - huge boost for your family and children

• Working professionals and everybody, really - easy decision making; understand soul journey and how karma is formed and neutralised​

• Inviting the elderly too! Reconnect with the Vedas in the most unique way

• Already a healer or therapist? This is a one-of-a-kind addition to your skillset

• Those looking at increasing intuition

• Those wanting to help others and also earn from it

What YOU can do after learning Mokshapatt with Sunainaa

★ Do readings for self and others; train others

★ Give remedies, solutions, timing of events, etc.

★ Solve issues with divine or karmic perspective and not just from a human viewpoint!

★ Do horoscope-level reading quickly without knowing date or time of birth

★ Make quick accurate decisions with this tool

★ Do various types of readings - soul path reading, one question, 
multiple-question reading, etc.

★ Plan for your, your family’s, children’s and other loved ones’ wellbeing

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Sunainaa Agrawwal


Sunainaa Agrawwal has been an intuitive and transformational soul healer and coach for the past 20 years. In her long successful healing career, she has guided 1000s of people with a combination of Divination Tools and Energy Healing Techniques such as Mokshapatt, Numerology, Theta Healing, NLP, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Tarot, Angel Therapy and Akashic Reading.

After a fulfilling Corporate career as a Chartered Accountant and tax consultant, Sunainaa moved to her divine life purpose of healing. Since then, she has not only been practising but also teaching the spiritual sciences.

Sunainaa’s mission is to empower her clients to awaken their dormant powers and embrace their brilliance through love, healing, intuitive wisdom, guidance, insight and compassion. She makes sure to hold a judgment-free and sacred space to help her clients reclaim their power!

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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