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Smriti Shivdasani

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Light Healing Frequencies

✔ Become a Practitioner. Heal Self & Others

✔ Includes Attunement to Powerful Frequencies

✔ Karma Cleansing, Shifting Reality & More

✔ Notes, Recordings, Support + Free Revision

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Is there a way to cleanse karma and recurring patterns?

Click Here - Why do we suffer if we have done no wrong?

Click Here - Why do people behave ‘badly’ when you are ‘nice’ to them

Click Here - She Manifested Rs 60,00,000 (USD 75,000) Just Like That

Click Here - Receive! Karma Cleansing Healing Frequencies!!


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay

About Light Healing Frequencies

Powerful healing frequencies downloaded from the Star Council. These frequencies which work at the subconscious level are activated by a process and are then flowed towards the recipient. This involves healing and ascension via the release of limiting beliefs, emotions, etc.

How it works?
We often create various problems in our lives like financial problems, illness, etc. as a way of punishing ourselves. It happens at a subconscious level because we hold some guilt that we feel we deserve to be punished for, or because we feel unworthy. The Light Healing Frequencies of Cleansing, Self Forgiveness and Self-love work at the level of the subconscious, unravelling these beliefs. The change within then starts reflecting on the outside.

Benefits of Light Healing Frequencies & Learning

★ RECEIVE Attunement to 3 Mega-Powerful Frequencies -

1. Cleansing.   2. Self-Love.   3. Self Forgiveness

★ DON’T have to go into past life or memories to heal

★ SOLID base of an expansive, high vibration life
★ RECEIVE Attunement to 3 Mega-Powerful Frequencies

★ CLEAR Karmas and harmful patterns - Clear the limiting self-sabotage programs lodged in the subconscious from any lifetime!

★ REPLACE the blame games, guilt, shame, regrets, sense of not good enough WITH Love, Joy and Gratitude for YOU, your life and a high vibrational way of being

★ ENHANCE relationships, wealth and well-being

★ BECOME a vibrational match to what you are asking for!!


★ Excellent revenue stream

★ Easy to learn! Quick to use! No side effects

★ Practise just 10 minutes a day!

★ Best for family, children, clients and business too!

★ NEW Healers: Excellent first modality. It all starts with Karma and Self-Love!

★ EXISTING Healers: Help your clients dislodge karmic patterns from the root!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Smriti Shivdasani


Smriti Shivdasani is a Light Healing Frequencies, Light Key Wellness System and Body Whispering facilitator. She is also a Life Transformation facilitator and Life coach. Smriti facilitates various kinds of Transformation workshops, group coaching programs and also works individually with people enabling them to create a life they truly love.

Smriti is an entrepreneur at heart, and post her MBA she worked in the field of Investment Banking and Retail Banking for a few years. She then went on to establish and successfully run a Real Estate and Jewelry & Home Accessories Business for two decades.

Having had a tough childhood, Smriti’s adult life showed up with difficult relationships, no money and cancer, which led her to alternate healing. Fascinated by what she learnt about the mind-body-spirit connection, she chose to dive in and study various healing modalities and went on to become a Life Transformation facilitator and Life coach. From being an entrepreneur, Smriti has successfully moved into this new role fully.

Since 2013, Smriti has facilitated change for over 1,000s of people through her workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions.

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