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Shveta Sharma

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Theta Healing®

✔ Become a practitioner! 4 levels on offer

✔ Get certified from THInK, USA

✔ 12 Practice sessions, Lifetime support & notes

✔ Bonus Personal Session (60-90 minutes)

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What is Theta Healing®? How do we heal, co-create and speed up manifestation with this?

Click Here - What are the different type of brain waves? PLUS Reach Alpha State in this quick soothing experience

Click Here - Activate your Receiving with this beautiful Theta Healing® Manifestation Process by Shveta

Click Here - Is it possible to work just 7-8 days a month and earn BIG? See how it’s done with Theta Healing®


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About Theta Healing® and How It Works

Theta Healing® connects you to the Creator on the 7th plane by meditation and brings light and energy in the body. You can scan yourself or anyone using this technique. Remote viewing and healing all are possible and can be done distantly as well.

The core of Theta Healing® is to know about your bottom beliefs and change them in a few seconds. It also helps in creating new neuron pathways in your brain by downloading the positive feelings and programs in yourself and others. You learn how to free your mind space and feel free.

Vianna Stibal founded Theta Healing® when she was herself going through cancer. She healed herself through this modality. Her work has touched the lives of over a million people in the world.

Theta state is the subconscious mind that stores all our thoughts, which become belief systems from this life, past lifetimes and even genetics. So we can directly work on our negative beliefs and change them. Theta state is also a state of stillness where you are able to access the unconditional love of the Creator and bring that into your body and every aspect of your life.

This technique actually enhances your intuitive abilities a lot. Also, since your brain waves go into a Theta state, your subconscious mind awakens and you can change your programs very fast. The core of Theta Healing® is to find your bottom belief which can be then changed from all your belief levels and replaced by positive programs.

With Theta Healing®, manifestation becomes very fast. Shveta and many of her students and clients have experienced instant manifestations as well as instant healing also.

Benefits of Theta Healing®

Theta Healing® can help in resolving any kind of issue - physical ailments, relationships, financial, mental, emotional, fears and phobias. It helps in finding your bottom belief which is creating the issue in your life because everything serves us. The awareness that a particular issue has served us by making us what we are today and we can now change it to choose a better way of growth, creates that shift in the person's life.

The interesting thing about Theta Healing® is that it changes your DNA and can activate your youth and vitality chromosomes that have been lost in us through rapid industrialisation. It awakens our psychic powers and enhances spiritual energies. 1,000's of people across the globe have experienced miracles.

Benefits of Learning Theta Healing® with Shveta

★ Each class is personalised as per the energy of the participants!

★ Theory covered in easy-to-understand story form

★ You learn how to NOT absorb other person's energies while healing

★ Generations of patterns are broken in just a few seconds or minutes

★ Black magic, and ancestral curses can be removed permanently

★ Manifestation becomes very fast!

★ Your Youth and Vitality chromosomes get activated and you remain youthful

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Shveta Sharma


Practicing as a healer for last 7 years, Shveta Sharma is a teacher, practitioner and certified instructor of various energy healing modalities like Theta Healing®, Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, Access consciousness, Dream therapy, Angel healing, Mokshapatt, Tarot and Automatic Writing.

Being the proprietor of Ahaana Holistic healing centre, she has worked a lot on cancer cases, autism, dyslexia, fears and phobias, depression, anxiety and since last year on covid cases as well. She believes in contributing to creating a beautiful world. She has been supporting less privileged cancer kids, juvenile homes, old age home and rape and acid attack survivors as well.

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