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Sanghamitra Chatterjee

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Chakra Healing & Activation +
Reiki of the Seven Rays

✔ Become a practitioner & trainer

✔ NO prior experience required!

✔ Includes 3 Zibu symbols’ attunement

✔ Get Notes, Recordings, Certificate, MORE!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What is Reiki of the 7 Rays? How is it different from Usui Reiki and what are the benefits

Click Here - Join soothing process to heal Root Chakra with ‘Reiki of the 7 Rays’ Master, Serapis Bey

Click Here - Receive Lifetime Attunement to 2 Zibu Symbols - Abundance & Beacon of Hope with Sanghamitra


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay 1


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay 2

About Chakra Healing & Reiki of the Seven Rays

Chakra healing includes simple meditative techniques to understand the theory better by self-understanding. You will also be able to pinpoint issues for better judgement to apply the techniques in healing and training sessions.

Reiki of the Seven Rays is an upgrade to the already existing energies of Reiki. The attunement to the Lords of the Seven Rays and the symbols will expand and raise the flow of energies that you send and receive. It will cleanse, activate and widen all of your chakras as well as your Kundalini energy.

This helps in healing all areas of life such as health, wealth, career and relationships.

Benefits of Learning Chakra Healing & Reiki of the Seven Rays from Sanghamitra

★ Become a Rainbow Healer -

- Kundalini Chakra ACTIVATED!

- Aura changes to PURE WHITE!

★ Karmic bonds served and done!

★ Look younger, feel healthier, glow and flow!

★ Clear depression, anxiety, anger, lack of energy, continuous fatigue, etc.

★ Works excellently with autism, mutism and learning difficulties

★ Easily turn negative energies into positive

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Sanghamitra Chatterjee


Sanghamitra’s life took a U-turn and her transformation for Human Revolution began when she moved from being a full-time Banker to a full-time Behaviour therapist, healer and trainer.

She works with the awareness that a lot of people may find it stigmatising to seek help for mental and emotional health issues. She is determined to follow her mission of becoming a conduit who understands these difficulties and can help others in their healing process.

Connect with us if you wish to know more


Ph: +91 93220 17119

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