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Take the Karma Quiz by Nidhu B Kapoor

Signs of Karma blockages

Give 4 points for each true statement.

Add them up at the end and check your scores shared below with guidance!!

Take the quiz here:

1. You literally feel blocked


2. Trying many things but not seeing results


3. Desperately want to change a situation or person


4. Avoiding someone or something


5. Unable to save & invest money


6. Haunted by past memories over and over


7. Unable to move out of a toxic environment/relationship


8. Unable to attract positive relationships


9. Regrets showing up


10. Harsh inner critic


11. Feeling fearful and held back


12. Health problems getting worse or tendency to be unwell


13. Feel relief instead of Gratitude when things work out 


14. Family disharmony including members and pets with disability


15. Compelled to do what you don't want to do i.e feel choiceless


16. You receive lesser for the work you put in


17. Obsessed with cleaning (can get angry when something is not clean)


18. Waiting for someone or something to show up 


19. Difficulty in learning and applying new solutions


20. You know your time management needs work


21. Frequently attract injuries / accidents


22. Don't know how to receive compliments and other gifts without feeling obliged


23. Frequent unexpected expenses


24. Trouble with workers - Househelp, drivers, other domestic staff, employees


25. Taking action is genuinely hard


80 - 100

Ancestral Karma is heavy and you have been chosen to work through it. Keep your ego, expectations and entitlement aside and develop humility. You will see the results late but you will see them.

You need to include rituals in your healing work, especially in Pitru Paksh (time of our ancestors). Include worshiping Lord Hanumanji in your prayers - he has many powers to intercede on your behalf


60 - 79 

Your past lives are playing a role in your current circumstances. There are many you need to apologise to and ask for forgiveness from as you have hurt others then and they hurt you now. You maybe seeing your stories in dreams and in trusting the wrong people. Give gratitude for the smallest blessing and never chase money for money's sake. You may think you get lesser than you deserve but you are paying off Karmic debt. In Divine Timing, your luck will suddenly change. 


40 - 59

Past life vows and oaths still abound in your soul contract and there could be one (or more) family member (mostly female) that you need to make peace with. 

It is hard for you to receive without earning it and while you must maintain your work ethics, allow yourself to receive from elsewhere too. Don't use money to buy loyalty. Understand how to accept people as they are and train your mind to think more positively. You will be able to rescind your vows in this lifetime. Be more charitable 


20 - 39

Your family Karma is most heavy on you. How to carve your own path while being dutiful can cause you to feel miserable as this is a difficult balance to achieve and you would have already spent many lifetimes trying to find it. Your voice maybe smothered within the family but if you don't place them on a pedestal, you will fare better.

Find a social circle of your own so you have some independence, enhance your relationship with God, travel, commit to being better and better everyday and keep learning from all who show up


1 - 19

You have many ancestral blessings but you must still remember them in your Gratitude list. 

Either one or more family member is spiritual and this brings you many opportunities and protection. 

You are here to complete some lessons in Relationships, Positivity, Love, Forgiveness and Charity so you may share more with others. Your family supports your decisions.

If you are a man, you have to learn how to respect women and vice versa. Learn to manage money well and use a part of it for the good of others

Join the creator of this phenomenal quiz and Retrograde and Karma work specialist, Nidhu B Kapoor for your Karma Kompletion! 

Click here to go deeper and become a Karmic Light Warrior with Nidhu B Kapoor!!

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