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Neelam Nanwani

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Basic Shamanism & Shamanic Divination

✔ Heal yourself & others

✔ Foundation Shamanic Practices simplified!

✔ Includes Lifelong support, PDF notes, etc.

✔ Also includes Shamanic Divination Workshop

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Join the Sacred Circle the Shamanic way - Powerful invocation with Drumming by Neelam Nanwani

Click Here - The meaning of Shamanism & its importance in today’s times - Fascinating details shared by Neelam

Click Here - The Female / Male energies’ balance matter more than you think! Find out more with Shamanic expert

Click Here - Enthralling guided process to invoke and meet your power animal(s)! 

Click Here - Connect with your power animal, play your music instrument and dance along with Shamanic expert, Neelam


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay 1


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay 2

About Shamanism

Shamanism is one of the world’s most ancient forms of spiritual practice. It goes back 10,000 years and in some cultures 100,000 years. It is a way of life. It is about living in alignment with our soul, with our indigenous ways, in rhythm with nature, with balance and harmony.

Shamanism empowers you to find your own answers, and be your own healer. We learn what is happening, why it is happening, how to align and bring harmony and healing to various aspects of our lives on our own. We also understand the journey of our soul and its multidimensional nature. Shamanism has tools, ways, processes and methods to find answers and healing solutions to all aspects of our life.
Works on anything and everything!

Benefits of learning Basic Shamanism with Neelam

★  Can start practising professionally Immediately after you learn

★ Learn how to work with Power Animals

★ Retrieve lost Spiritual Powers for yourself and others

★ Includes practical application of Shamanic Divination Methods

★ Learn ways to seek answers and guidance for yourself and others

★ Receive lifetime support, loads of practice sessions and guidance with clients

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Neelam Nanwani


Neelam is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher. For her, shamanism is not just another healing modality but a way of life.

Evolving into being a voice for the Divine Feminine and the empowered woman, Neelam is an international teacher, guide and Shamanic counsellor whose voice represents the voice of the Collective You! She has risen from her own pain, abuse and strife to Re-member, Re-claim and Re-discover her true potential and power as a woman.

Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassionate heart with others, Neelam blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful, holistic approach, specialising in the areas of spiritual & emotional change in a light, simple and effortless way.

Neelam currently teaches Shamanic work, womb work, shadow and inner child work, womb medicine wheel, ancestral and dream work. She is also a retreat facilitator (sea healing / pilgrimage).

Neelam is the founder of Sacred Dance (a body of work specifically dedicated to the teachings of The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine) and the co-founder of ‘Shamanic Vision’ along with her twin flame, Paul.

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