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Dr Kirti Kanodia

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Angel Cards Reading & Healing

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Angel Messages & Healing

Angels are divine beings who come to offer support and guidance whenever one calls for them. They are known to help and provide messages and solutions in multiple facets of life such as health, relationships, finances, protection, cleansing and more. People have also experienced a complete turnaround in their marriage and surge in business!

In Angel card reading, the reader connects with the Angels and passes on their message or guidance to the seeker.

Angel Healing Can Help With

★ Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects

​★ Relationships, health, wealth, manifestation

★ Clearing black magic, negativity, financial blocks, lineage issues, etc.

★ Protection from negativity, evil eye, jealousy, curses, etc.

★ Clarity, direction and purpose

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Dr Kirti Kanodia


Dr Kirti Kanodia is a multiple-award winning holistic healer for more than a decade.

She is a certified Theta Healer, Trained Family Constellation Facilitator, Tarot card Reader, Past life Regression Therapist, Angel card reader, Inner child integration, Astrologer, Tasso Therapist and Reiki Master.

Dr Kanodia has dual phDs for holistic healing from the National University of America and planetary healing from California Public University. She has been bestowed with several awards for her healing services – Pratibha Puraskar, Naari Samman from the Society of Integrated Federation and Awards, and International Researchers Award for Planetary Healing from East Africa.

After a flourishing career in the cosmetic industry for 8 years, Dr Kanodia has dedicated the past decade to healing and helping people with issues in all areas of their life, be it health, relationships, career, spiritual growth or even black magic!

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