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Deepakk Raisinghani

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Third Eye Activation

✔ Certified Workshop

✔ Learn psychic reading and lots more

✔ More than 200 learners attuned

✔ Heal self and others as well

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Highlights from the Call

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About Third Eye Ascension
Abundance is not a destination, but a way of life

We are all powerful and abundant beings and that’s how the universe has made us.  The ‘Third Eye Ascension’ journey with Deepakk makes you realise the abundance that you are, make you aware of your sixth sense and unravel all powers to manifest and live your best. It was channelised by Deepakk himself with the guidance of Mahavtar Babaji and his other spirit guides.

Deepakk has attuned over 200 people in the past 4 years. Students have seen unthinkable manifestations in as less as 7 days of the attunement!! Also, this is a fantastic tool for empaths as they can shield themselves from others’ energies.

How this process works is that it channelises spiritual Sun energies through an extraterrestrial being that has been channeled by Deepakk. This powerful process is known to resolve all chakra imbalances and even physical pain and ailments like kidney stones, cysts and so on. It is also known to clear all dense energies from your life that may have been created by yourself or by others. You also learn to recognise and work on the energies that are favourable for you. They are many, many more benefits.

Who can do this Workshop

• Everyone has sixth sense so anyone can do this workshop!

• Everyone - right from homemakers to working professionals can do this to heal their families, homes, directions, vehicles, food, water, etc. resolve househelp issues, business concerns, and many more life situations

• All healers, including Tarot card readers can do this for heightened intuition, to increase focus and deepen the connection with the divine

• Excellent for empaths. This can protect you from others’ energies

Fantastic Benefits of Doing this Workshop

★ Learn to do psychic readings!

★ Know your spirit guide for everything including manifestation

★ Increased telepathy and intuition, realise your sixth sense!

★ Shield yourself from evil eye, spirits, fallen angels and others’ negative energies 

★ Release negative portals and life-blocking fears and insecurities


★ Depression and anger release. All relationships get enhanced

★ All chakras strengthen; so physical, emotional and mental health enhance

★ Increased compassion, creativity, confidence and passion

★ Increased focus and clarity

★ Experience better decision-making with ease  

★ Positive vibrations move up to the next level!

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Deepakk Raisinghani


Deepakk Raisinghani is a gifted psychic healer for more than 10 years! He also specialises in chakra balancing, entity and negative energy clearing from people and spaces. Deepakk’s third eye ascension workshop is channeled by him and he is working on teaching 4 more healing techniques that work on all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, issues including those related to relationship, money, delayed marriage, conceiving, etc.

100s of people have seen permanent miraculous shifts after working with Deepakk. In fact, Deepakk has helped heal chakras of more than 3,000 people and he has attuned over 200 people with the third eye ascension technique. He is known to be a highly intuitive practitioner who goes the extra mile for his clients.

Deepakk helps people to become aware of their thinking patterns that have become their life they are not happy about. He leads them to change their perspective, which is when life changes!

Connect with us if you wish to know more


Ph: +91 93220 17119

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