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Aashe Rohara Rajputt

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Learn Ancestral Spirit Reiki -

Levels 1 & 2

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2021

Highlights from the Call

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Click Here -See how our family tree affects some of us with patterns we can't find a solution to!

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Click Here -He healed his BLOOD PRESSURE issue through his ancestors. Listen to this story

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About Ancestral Spirit Healing

Ancestral Spirit Reiki assists one to receive messages, wisdom, healing and blessings in different forms from ancestors helping them to receive constructive assistance and insight to a particular situation and live life more prosperously.

How does it work?

Ancestor Spirit Reiki allows transmission across the spirit realm working across both space and time. One can connect to the spirit of their ancestor in an etheric way and get guidance from them.

We can always benefit when we know how our family history impacts us directly or indirectly now or even how our future generations can be impacted. There is certain wisdom we all can get from our forefathers in the form of adapting their positive strengths like running businesses successfully to being wise in taking the right decisions.

Ancestral Spirit Reiki taps into the energy field of our families and changes occur. This makes us in-tune, aligned, and supported not just by our family and friends but also by other forces and ancestors that we can’t quite put into words.

Ancestral Spirit Reiki helps with -

Healing personal issues or those existing in the family lineage for unknown reasons by our fathers or grandfathers

Receive guidance for all areas of life such as money, health, job, relationship with self and others

It also helps with conceiving

Heals curses on family where a ripple effect has been created on generations without knowing the exact cause

Helps remove inexplicable blocks stopping you from progress

Change your narrative of what you have to say about your lineage story

Feel your heart expand with love and gratitude despite the stuckness and traumas

Open up to receive spiritual strengths, messages and gifts

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Aashe Rohara Rajputt


Aashe is a multi-modality practitioner for the past 7 years with a focus on Angel therapy and Tarot card reading. Along with these, she specialises in Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, Switchword Healing and is a certified Access Consciousness practitioner.

Aashe intuitively started Tarot Card reading after she picked up her first Tarot deck from Italy, known as ‘The Mecca of Tarot’. She realised her life’s purpose – to help and heal humankind – as she started off by giving incredibly accurate readings for her family and friends. Aashe’s reliable work grew by leaps and bounds and there was no stopping her as she quit her Corporate career and started practising Tarot full-time professionally.

This naturally gifted healer considers herself more spiritual than religious and strongly believes in the universe and completely trusts her honed gift of intuition. Aashe has also featured on the popular radio station, Radio Mirchi Dubai to talk about her experience as a successful Tarot professional.

People who know Aashe describe her as an empathetic soul who loves to connect with people. Using these healing modalities, she has guided 100s of people and aims to guide many, many more to enlighten their soul and heal the body, mind, relationships and finances too.

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