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Astrology for More Money!

 Get 4 Powerful Manifestation Grids (Yantras) & Yearful of Bonuses!

US$ 75

US$ 9.99

1.5 hr workshop. Limited spots only!

100% Refund

If not satisfied (details below in FAQs)

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Get Powerful Manifestation Grids to -

Increase business profits or get dream job!

Be successful in everything you do!

Become aligned to daily abundance

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Prosper in all areas of your life!

Some Fantastic Results!

“Upma-ji’s yantra works! I got a dream government job! I just can’t believe this miracle!”

- Seema

“My friend was unemployed for a year. I gave her Upma-ji’s job manifestation grid and within days she got a job!!
- Vanitha
“My health greatly improved too as I worked with Upma-ji’s yantra!”
- Jyoti

Check if the 1.5-hour workshop is for You…

• You've been striving hard to increase your wealth

• Money comes in with difficulty; goes away easily!

• Unhappy in your current job

• Unemployed; searching without success

• Business is limited / has got stagnant

• Not getting enough clients

• Burdened with debt

• Looking for a career shift

• Figuring out your life purpose

Get What You Want with 

Astrology Manifestation Grids (YANTRAS)

What’s that?

A Yantra is an astrological manifestation grid created when the energies of the 9 planets and 9 numbers are combined and represented in a certain form. A numeric yantra consists of numbers from 0 to 9


They are your personal prosperity magnet! Yantras are tools to visually connect with Divine frequencies and align with them to activate your desires.  Since ancient times, they have been one of the most trusted methods of empowering individuals to release blocks and manifest their desires faster. 


Yantras can be used to manifest anything from a business to great health!


Here’s a Yantra to get a new job

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Yes! It’s as simple as this!! 

Join India’s ace award-winning astrologer Upma Shrivastava (Upma-ji) to learn how to make this and use it to enjoy experiencing your dream job come to you!



In Upma-ji’s Live Workshop - 

✓ Yantra for More Monies

✓ Yantra to increase Business profits

✓ Yantra for Success in any area of your life

✓ Includes simple instructions to make and use them

✓ Tips and best practices to always manifest with ease


PDF with More Yantras & Guidelines - 

• Yantra for Protection (from evil eye)


• Yantra to Attract your ideal life partner


• Yantra to enrich love & dissolve conflict with your partner


• Yantra for good health / to recover from dis-ease

PDF with a Yantra for a Happy 2024! 

7-Day Telegram group for support & practice