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Nidhu - HTS24 - Package B

PACKAGE B (INCLUDES PKGS A & A2) -Family Light Decrees
Practitioner Certification

(Enlightened DNA, parts 1 to 6)



✓ INCLUDES PACKAGE A, A2 (and 2 Bonus Summit Calls)
✓ 5 Family-Light-Medicine Calls
✓ Advanced Light Prayer Decrees

✓ Based on Saturn Retrograde (father), 
Neptune Retrograde (mother), 
Mercury + Uranus Retrograde (child)


• Approx. 1.5-2 hours @ 6.30pm India / 9am ET

• Audio calls (except call 1).

• All replays will be available with lifetime access

• Include breathwork, the 10-second 3 taps grounding, Money work, Prosperity Bath prayers, healing + learning

• Receive Call Summaries and a PDF with all our work (it will be like a textbook by the time we finish!


22 June 2024 - Full Mooney Divine Masculine Saturn Retrograde Special (Enlightened DNA part 2)

With 29th’s Saturn retrograde, our karmic lessons will be most obvious. Keep in mind the 5 tenets of Karma - unlearning, learning, balance, expression, development of gifts - and that our Karma brings us into a certain family (and house) and you will see how life is showing and revealing what about your family is NOT working for you! 

Whether this is your blood family or marriage family, you will want to break free and liberate yourself (thanks to Pluto who is also retrograde!) and The Light-Family-Decrees are the fastest and most empathetic way to do so! 
As the most masculine energy, Saturn will turn our attention to what is/was going on with our fathers and much as we all want to love and put him on a pedestal, it will bode us well to see him as a human being with his own share of light and dark. 

• Be able to see your father as he is / was
• Release his dark (in you) with The Parent Forgiveness Decree 
• Increase his light (in you), setting him and his lineage free too! 
• Heal his (yours) Money karma
• Make peace with him for yourself and your mother

Note - It is possible that you will remember past lives that included him or the lifetimes that reveal the learnings you need today

• Telegram group & email practice for 11 days (24 June to 4 July) to integrate


05 July 2024 - New Mooney Divine Feminine Neptune Retrograde & Water Special (Enlightened DNA, part 3) 

The ruler of water, dreams, visions and our psychic powers goes retrograde to remind us of the first water in our lives - our mother’s womb. What was her mental, physical and emotional health then? 
Did she even want to get preggie?
Were we conceived in love? Or shock?

Gently recovering from our mother’s traumas, we will also acknowledge her as our OG god, apologise for any birthing trauma she has, heal our own birthing trauma and give gratitude to her for bringing us into the world

At the same time, like with the father, we lovingly need to upgrade our etheric umbilical chord to receive what we need and not necessarily what she may insist on feeding us (Oh yes, we receive from her our whole lives!)

• Release her dark (in you) with The Parent Forgiveness Decree 
• Increase her light (in you), setting her and her lineage free too! 

Note - It is possible that you will remember past lives that included her or the lifetimes that reveal the learnings you need today

• Calm her angry and anxious programs and make peace with her

• Telegram group & email practice for 12 days (8 to 19 July) to integrate

20 July 2024 - Full Mooney Yin + Yang Organ Compatibility (Enlightened DNA, part 4)

The body expresses our family story in how it functions as we are a combination of mother (Yin and heart) and Father (Yang and head) and how they were individually AND how they were WITH each other impacts our own internal compatibility. If your head and heart are often at loggerheads, well, so were your parents…


How your parents govern you physically, biologically and how the interaction between them impacts your health and wealth is key to our call

We borrow quite a bit from the grand body of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for this training and the origin of one of the most enjoyable Decrees (you know by now) will be clear!

Besides with Mercury retrograde around the corner on 5th August, we will need to be in balance and more willing to take charge and accountability of our lives!

• Telegram group & email practice to integrate - 
Yin organs awesomeness (from 22 to 26 July)
Yang organs awesomeness (from 29 July to 3 Aug)

 5 Aug 2024 - New Mooney Mercury Retrograde (Enlightened DNA, part 5)

As the youngest and most mischievous planet, Mercury retrograde makes us retro too… to our childish selves. It is why we get more emotional and impatient, exactly like we did as children! It is also why it is a great time to work on being an adult and allowing ourselves to stop repeating childhood traumas in our health, wealth and relationships

Our childhood also tells us a lot about our Karma so this call sets us up for our final call…. 

We'll work on installing cheerFULL childhood/teenage/young adult (pre-30 years of age)

• Telegram group & email practice for 8 days (7 to 14 Aug) to integrate

19 Aug 2024 - Full Mooney Divine Karma (past life) Awesomeness (Enlightened DNA, part 6)

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury will be retrograde and all we need to unlearn in terms of habits and behaviors, including self-sabotage, will be impossible to deny and so our most intense week of habit healing will begin 


We will choose a new habit and begin to incorporate it as a new habit/behavior signals the completion of a Karma


• Telegram group & email practice for 6 days (21 to 26 Aug) to integrate


• Enlightened DNA, part 1 Call (Pkg A): Done (Replay available)
7-day Practice (on Telegram group & Email): 10-16 June 2024

• Extended Telegram group access (for Q&A, doubt-solving): 17-21 June 2024

• Package A2: Call on 17 June 2024 @ 6.30pm India / 9am ET PLUS 7 days of practice

• Enlightened DNA, part 2 Call: 22 June 2024 
Practice on Telegram group & email: 24 June to 4 July 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 3 Call: 5 July 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 8 to 19 July 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 4 Call: 20 July 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email:
Yin Organs Awesomeness: 22-26 July 2024
Yang Organs Awesomeness: 29 July - 3 Aug 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 5 Call: 5 Aug 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 7-14 Aug 2024

• Enlightened DNA, part 6 Call: 19 Aug 2024
Practice on Telegram group & email: 21-26 Aug 2024

• Get certified by submitting 6 case studies (2 for yourself): Post 26 Aug 2024

Nidhu - HTS24 - Package B

$735.00 Regular Price
$205.00Sale Price
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