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Nidhu - Word Medicine Course

Here are all the inclusions - 


1. stress buster MP3 for instant relief worth US$ 11 / INR 777 (lifetime access)

stress release should be a part of your self-care routine. Receive a specially curated MP3 by me that includes Decrees to release stress, worries, insecurities, feeling unsafe and unprotected. This powerful MP3 can be played in the background too for positive effects in your living space!
The MP3 includes more than the 4 words of 'You Can Leave Now', so you will get to try more Decrees with it!


2. ONE-hr Pre-recorded Audio Class for pain relief worth US$ 99 / INR 7,259

• Learn how to use The Decrees to manage pain and feel relief instantaneously. 


3. TWO-hr Pre-recorded Video Masterclass worth US$ 200 / INR 14,659

THE class where you learn more concepts in depth - 

• How to work on multiple issues at the same time in one shot

• The ONE WORD magical Decree

• The three-word system that can be used to start attracting and opening up to whatever you wish to attract!

• Life-changing concept to healing - the feedback loop

• The specific way to work on pain or long term health problems using just words!

• Combining multiple Word Medicines for super-charged effect!! 



4. Practice Group Call Replay (held on April 27, 2024 (Sat) at 9am ET / 6.30pm India Time) worth US$ 99 / INR 7,259

• Cement your learnings and get better with using The Decrees


5. ‘Get to know The Decrees PLUS Karma in a nutshell’ PDF worth US$ 11 / INR 777 (Lifetime access)

Introductory detailed FAQs about The Decrees. Includes what The Decrees are, 5 ways they work and why they are the fastest transformative tool in the world right now! Also includes Karma in a nutshell (and why The Decrees are the fastest Karma completers)


6. Saturn's Decree Basics Crash Course PDF worth

US$ 150 / INR 11,001 (lifetime access)

• 30 pages detailed explanation with ample examples and success cases
• 12 summary posters included for quick reference
• Understanding this PDF is like a crash course in itself!


7. Email support worth US$ 33 / INR 2,359

If you have any questions about The Decrees; their usage; your experiences or anything related to your practice with The Decrees, you can directly write to Nidhu to get your doubts resolved!


8. SEVEN days Money Work Decrees Practice worth US$ 51 / INR 3,699

Get better with using The Decrees to unblock and attract more Monies! You will receive The Decrees on email 7 days after you buy the course (You see, it will be more fun to practise this and you will relate better after you’ve gone through the class recordings and notes)


9. Daily Weekday Decree Emails worth US$ 99 / INR 7,259 (until Dec 31, 2024)

• June onwards, you will start receiving a mail daily (from Monday - Saturday) with a Decree based on that day’s energies and instructions for use. Also receive my specially channeled tips and best practices to harness that day’s energies to the fullest!
• All this for an entire year till Dec 31, 2024!

Nidhu - Word Medicine Course

$753.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
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