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Call Replay: Back-to-Basics Decrees

Highlights from the Call

There are three reasons we don't have what we want. Two of these are not in our hands

But the biggest reason is! And that in turn influences the other two cosmic reasons...

What do you think it is?

1. Discover your biggest block to your dream life (there is nothing bigger than this one)
2. Learn how to begin DISMANTLING it with love and gentleness in ONE MINUTE!
3. Get introduced to the fastest transformational  modality in the world - The Decrees
5. See for yourself why there is NOTHING ELSE as easy and swift as The Decrees - you will experience the shift IN SECONDS on the call itself
6. Get closer, SO MUCH CLOSER to your dreams coming true
7. Walk out as a Manifesting Maestro within the hour! 

Bring your willingness, an hour and turbo charged water.

Whatever your reason for being stuck - family, karma, relationships, career, money - there is only ONE REASON you have not been able to turn it around

All of that changes on this call!

And New Manifestation Decree ALERT! This one needs an attunement and you will get it on the call as well as be able to do it yourself on the replay

Listen to the call replay for:
1. The 3 test Decrees
2. The 2 reasons why we don't have what we want
3. The biggest reasons for Procrastination
4. The base Decree
5. Attunement for the new Manifestation Decree

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5D Potent Prosperity

@ INR 4,497 / US$ 81



New Moon 3 Calls

@ INR 4,497 / US$ 81



New Moon 1 Call

@ INR 2,250 / US$ 39


Nidhu B Kapoor


PACKAGE A: 5D Potent Prosperity

1. Make a Prosperity cheque
2. Make Prosperity oil
3. Make your Money Candle
4. Make your Prosperity Spray
5. Know how to use Potent Prosperity days
6. Learn to energise your intentions list in ONE SECOND
7. Be part of The Prosperity community
8. PDF with all details

Special Offer

Package A

PACKAGE A: 5D Potent Prosperity

Includes 3 live group calls & loads of Bonuses


From Sidhi masters (ancient wise ones) of yore comes the understanding of Tritiya - the third day from the new moon

The understanding and use of Tritiya is exclusive to Nidhu's work. You can use Tritiya for a number of activities like trimming your hair, signing a important document and sorting out your shelves/drawers

A detailed list of everything you can do is part of your PDF! Begin using Tritiya for your greater health and wealth rightaway!

On our calls across Feb, March, April we will be using for money, cash, wealth and prosperity with the Uber cool, super swift Number Decrees

Call Replay: 5D Potent Prosperity

Highlights from the Call



1. Make a Prosperity cheque

2. Make Prosperity oil

3. Make your Money Candle

4. Make your Prosperity Spray

5. Know how to use Potent Prosperity days

6. Learn to energise your intentions list in ONE SECOND

7. Be part of The Prosperity community

8. PDF with all details


• Activate Multiple Money Flows

Energise your 2022 financial goals with Lord Jupiter's blessings, Lord Shivji's blessings and Lakshmi Maa's blessings

Attract resources, value, support


Call 1 - 3 Feb 2022

Call 2 - 5 Mar 2022

Call 3 - 7 Apr 2022


All call timings are 6pm IST / 7.30am EST
Voice calls. These will be on Instant Tele Seminar
Call recordings will be available

nidhu Potent package original price.jpeg

PACKAGE B: 5D Potent Earthing


Package C

PACKAGE C: New Moon Freedom from black magic and curses
(Three live group calls. Three hours. Three months)

Three live group calls


Jan 31st, March 2nd & March 31st 2022

(black magic and curses removal)
Click here to listen to the call


Ingredients required for the New Moon black magic, curses and evil eye removal calls

You will need:

1. Three candles, black and white (i.e. three candles of either colour or a combination).

Tealights are also fine, but candles are preferred


If you don't have the black/white candles, then and only then, use coloured ones

They should be unscented or extremely lightly scented


One candle is be lit just before the call, the other two will be kept on the left and right side of you/your device


2. One lemon cut in half; the halves to be kept beside the candles on the left and right side


3. One glass of salt water (extremely salty)


4. One bowl of a handful of salt


5. One glass of water (not to be turbo charged or drunk) also to be kept close to you

The above three will be flushed/thrown away during or after the call


6. Some camphor in a bowl (optional)


7. Your turbo charged water for drinking


Please finish your meal at least an hour before


Wear light coloured clothes, avoid any black, including undergarments.

It is recommended to take a salt water bath after the call or at least a regular bath. If not poss, change your clothes, including undergarments

Nidhu pakage C.jpeg

PACKAGE D: New Moon Freedom from black magic and curses (1 Call)

One live group call


Jan 31st 2022

PACKAGE E: Nidhu - Daily Flip Book(s)
5D Life or 5D Wealth

Choose from

5D Life

or 5D Wealth

Or Choose both

Item 1 - Perpetual flip calendar (physical) 
Item 2 - 12 Monthly Calendar video (for all of 2022)
This permanent dose of  high vibes can be placed at your desk, bed-side drawer, on study tables, your favourite corner, even your altar!
You would need to turn the page everyday and it would be wonderful if you also said The Decree three - ten times in your normal voice.
Even if you didn't, the words will spread their magic into space around! You have the option of The 5D Life Decrees and The 5D Wealth Decrees. We say, take both!! They are also a lovely gift option, so take full advantage of this special offer!
The flip has strong, glossy paper for longer shelf life and can be used for birthday messages too - Check for your friends, family and clients!
PS. The package of the 5D Wealth box has energized money images. These can be cut out, laminated and kept in wallets or even gifted.
5D Life Flip Image 1.png
5D Money Flip Image 2.png
5D Life and 5D Money Flip Calendars.jpeg
PPS. Shipping costs are included for shipping in India only.

Coming UP!

Nidhu Feb Calendar.jpg

1st Feb - 14th Feb - 14:14 CHALLENGE: You got attuned on the call for this! Join The Manifesting Master challenge and get the Daily Decree to be said 14 times!

Click here to join the Telegram Group.

14_14 Challenge.jpeg

16 Feb - Full Moon teeth and gums call at 6pm IST


17 Feb - Transform your relationships in HOURS! - 11.11am IST


21st Feb - Experience the 10 SECONDS workout - your abs will be crunched with just words! 8.30pm IST (Time to be confirmed)

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