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Harmonics of Healing
(Receive Your Unique Healing Formula!)

✔ Personal sessions for any area of life

✔ Includes Shamanic journey guidance

✔ Includes 3 distant-healing group sessions

Love & Health Tele Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

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Watch Brenda & Charu's Demo Call Replay Below!

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Pathbreaking B&C Miracle Method!

Discovery Session for issue details

Receive healing, guidance, etc.

Your healing formula is UNIQUE to you

Receive Your Unique Healing Formula with Brenda & Charu

Harmonics is music. Music is nothing but vibration and frequency. When it is in rhythm, it’s melodious and pleasing to the ear. But when the rhythm is disrupted or out of balance, it’s an unpleasant noise. 

The same is with our lives. Our life is like music only. When we are healthy, happy, joyful and everything is going well for us - then life is melodious and we are in the rhythm. But when we have health issues, relationship issue, financial issues, etc. - then it tells you that your life is not melodious and your rhythm is disrupted. 

With their pathbreaking B&C Miracle Method, Brenda and Charu bring you your very own Unique Healing Formula - to put you back into your rhythm and bring about healing and balance. With this, all your Life Harmonics will be brought to 100% and your issue will be balanced!

Brenda & Charu’s Unique Healing Formula Includes

1. Rhythm - Your balance

2. Overtone – Your willingness

3. Vibration – Your lack and your void

4. Frequency – Your base emotions

5. Pitch - Your programs

6. Octave- Your chakras

About Brenda & Charu


Charu Mathur

A passionate healer and believer of miracles, Charu is formally trained in Shamanism, Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Theta Healing, Sujok, Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, etc.

She believes in instant healing and in her quest to see results instantly through healing works, she ended up inventing the unique healing modality – the B&C Miracle Method (internationally copyrighted) with her friend Brenda.

Charu’s approach to healing is very scientific and she is researching on healing cancer of any stage. Her biggest breakthrough has been on working with stage 4 cancer where the doctors had given the patient six months. Charu created a miracle in the patient’s life where they are today living a normal life.

Charu enjoys teaching and her mission in life is to create more and more healers in the world.

Brenda Margaret Ganwani

Brenda is divinely gifted as she can sense and remove pain intuitively by placing her hands on the body. Her journey of learning alternative healing is now over 30 years old.

She has studied Shamanism, Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Pranic Healing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Sujok, Akashic Records, Life Alignment, and more.

Brenda has also written a book, Conversation with My Spiritual Master, and has also channelled a deck of daily guidance cards, called the Kindness Cards. Both are in the process of being published.

Brenda’s forte is intuitively knowing what is an imbalance within another. In this journey of learning and seeking, she met Charu and they both founded the profound healing technique called the B&C Miracle Method which they now teach worldwide.


Brenda & Charu's Offers for 24 Hours

PACKAGE A: 1 Personal Session for Health OR Relationships
(90 minutes)

Work on any health OR relationship issue


15 minutes on Zoom - Discovery session - intimate conversation about your issue

60 minutes offline - B&C read, analyse, clear, heal and formulate your unique healing formula and step-by-step guidance

15 minutes on Zoom - Consultation - results, remedies, solutions, guidance, etc. (Call recording for this session available)


• YOUR UNIQUE Healing Formula

- Formulated especially for you, unique to you and your issue

- Step-by-step details will be shared by Brenda and Charu

Shamanic Journey for step-by-step guidance

Contributes to profound and deeper healing

• 3 Group - Distant Healing Sessions

Once a week to add energy and bring about faster and quicker change

• Link to schedule personal session will be shared with you

• Group distant healing sessions details will be shared after your session

Upgrade from Package C to Package A:

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Click here to upgrade at USD  98

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PACKAGE B: 3 Personal Sessions for Chronic Issues
(90 minutes each session)

For your longstanding chronic issues related to Health, Relationships, etc.

✔ 3 sessions; 90 minutes each session


• YOUR UNIQUE Healing Formula

• Shamanic Journey for step-by-step guidance

• 3 Group - Distant Healing Sessions

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Click here to pay with ZERO INTEREST EMI


Upgrade from Package A to Package B -

Click here to upgrade at Rs 15,500

Click here to upgrade at USD 233

Upgrade from Package C to Package B -

Click here to upgrade at Rs 21,000

Click here to upgrade at USD 315


PACKAGE C: Receive YOUR Unique Healing Formula
(15 minutes)

✔ Reading-only session on Zoom

✔ Get readings of all 6 harmonics

✔ Get clear idea of your current state of life

✔ Important insights for your healing journey

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