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Aatmn Parmar


Enhance Your Relationships with Multi Chakra Knowledge

Love & Health Tele Summit 2022

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Redikall with Aatmn

Redikall is the simplest form of healing technique and a profound self healing method, which you can learn in no time and practice comfortably to bring in long lasting and deep transformation. Redikall comes from the word “radical” - something that is fundamental, which is different, which is transformational, unique and different. Our life completely depends on our thoughts. Redikall is way of detecting an erroneous thought that is not working for us.​

Many of our thoughts are due to the influence of genetic tendencies, cultural patterns, ancestral beliefs, attitudes and so on. Yet, after a certain age, it’s our prerogative to bring about the change or a shift in the way we think, and replace the non-effective thoughts with better and new thoughts.​

Our thoughts are powerful seeds. They certainly manifest sooner or later. If we wish to change our experience, we need to trace that exact thought and modify it to co-create and anchor the possibility of the desired experience.

It’s Principle

We can’t change the people, and sometimes the situation and circumstances in our lives. However, when we change our approach and responses towards them, we shift and they tend to shift as well.

Expected Benefits

★ Enhance your emotional response towards the adversities of life

★ Your relationships become easy, effortless and a lot of fun

★ Clear your past programming like guilt, regrets, curses, etc. feel the difference in all your relationships

★ Cut cords with the past, past partners and departed ones

★ Release toxicity from your relationships and experience lightness and happiness

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Package A

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Package B

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Package C
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