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Upaasna Devi

Energy Transformer

Modalities: Energy Healing

Experience: 11 Years

Speciality: Spiritual

Location: Mumbai

Languages: Hindi,  English

Available: Am Available Everyday As Per The Time Of Appointment...I Am Available On Call As Well As WhatsApp...





About Upaasna Devi

Studio Trois, a haven for those in emotional and physical pain and trauma, was born out of an innate desire to heal and address issues that Upaasna Kapadia saw in the world around her...The distress and disconnect affected and influenced her so much, that a divine journey that began as a 'why am i here...? To how can I serve...?’ She now has a focused method and goal in helping people to understand and acknowledge the true purpose of their lives...

Upaasna Kapadia, the source of this intervention and modality, is of a superlative emotional intelligence, and has not just helped herself evolve spiritually over many years, but has also helped many others free themselves from the shackles of age old conditionings and patterns...She now has a strong clientele who she nurtures and supports with her abilities of healing, counselling and just being their go to person for everything...

If one were to ask for endorsements on her, Upaasna, has rightly been called the 'yellow pill' - a source of sunshine- in people's lives...From an 83 year old to a 18 year old - her clients have proven to her that,FAITH , PATIENCE and SURRENDERING to the UNIVERSE works...She forges ahead carrying a torch of DIVINE LOVE to show the way to a beautiful and joyful life that exists for each one of us to cocreate together...

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