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Padmapriya Sarodaya

Light Language & Multi-modality Trainer


1. Light Language

2. Akashic records

3. Quantum Multi-verse & Higher Self Channeling

4. Land Energy-Aura Healing

5. Astral Surgery

Experience: Since more than a decade Serving Globally as an Internationally Trainer and Healer


1. Spiritual Science

2. Life Coach

Location: Nagpur and online

Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

Available: Mon- Sat

Afternoon: 2 to 7pm

Previous Experience: Conducted many workshops on above mentioned modalities. and have done Akashic reading, Land Reading and Quantum Higher Self Healing and Astral Surgery to more than 1000 clients till now.


Certified Life Coach, Certified Healer, Iron Lady Certified, Ultimate Success Champion Certificate, Millionaire Coach Accelerator Certificate


About Padmapriya Sarodaya

Padmapriya Sarodaya is Spiritual Abundance Coach, trainer for Akashic records and Internationally acclaimed LIGHT LANGUAGE trainer from last 11 years. She has impacted over a 1,000 lives through her Spiritual Services from all over the World.

She is a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji working under His direct Guidance and her Guru Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji.

For the Constellation of New Age, Satyayuga Sthapana all Goddesses are Guiding her and working through her. Her Light Language and Akashic Record Powers have been Gifted to her by Galactic Federation and Shambala. She is giving her Spiritual Service across the globe since more than a  decade now. She has built a community of more than 500 members who come from different Cultures and Continents.

Also, she and her Husband Vishal Sarodaya are founders of  NGO named as "Shakti Beej Mandala" under which they teach meditations and conduct different Workshops to help people resolve different life problems.

Vision is :-

"We lead a path to a world where self-awareness and empowered living go hand in hand, fostering a global shift towards enlightenment."

My mission is to Empower and Educate 1 Million Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs to attain Self Mastery by Unlocking their INNER WISDOM to confidently resolve all their Mental, Emotional and Financial Challenges they encounter along with their TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY.

What I live for and How can I be useful to YOU?

1) Spiritual Independence:

My Guru has made me Spiritually Independent. He always said "Whatever is your Inner Calling, Listen to that voice only" and now I want to carry forward his Legacy to everyone. I activate others for listening to their Inner Voice and to follow their Inner GPS

2)Abundance & Prosperity:

We Light Workers, are born to experience and share our Divine Abundance and Prosperity. As I always say, "IT IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT, WE JUST NEED TO CLAIM IT" In my Journey I have accessed my Divine Abundance and I wanted to give this to all my Light Family Members, so that they can live THE LIFE THEY DESERVE!


Being Empowered gives you a Soul Satisfaction, Safety and Security which helps you as a Soul to Evolve and Come out of Root Chakra. It releases you from all Negative Events, Experiences and People. With Right Divine Guidance of Higher Beings I became Empowered in my Life and You too can Become! I Believe "EMPOWERMENT IS ENLIGHTENMENT"

4)Mastering Physical Reality:

You all come along with Inner Hidden Wisdom which is stored in our Dormant DNA. When I got access to my own Wisdom, I have seen a complete shift in my Reality and Became Successful in overcoming all Challenges of Life. Now it is my Deepest Desire to Help others to Master their own Physical Reality and Become Victor from Victim!


WITH GREAT POWERS COME GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Manifestation for me is Being Receptive to Receive all the Gifts which Universe wants to Give You, which is way Bigger than You can Imagine. Where Our Imagination ends, his Creation starts! Most of my Students have Manifested Successfully this Gods Vision in their Lives and NOW YOU ARE HERE TO BE THAT NEXT MANIFESTOR!


My Guru always said," I am GOD, You are GOD and WE ALL ARE GODS". We all are Spiritual Beings who have taken Birth to have not only Human experiences but also to Practice and Share our Wisdom to the World. Seeking GOD in the eyes of everyone, no matter how he/she is, is the True Enlightenment one can have! Self Love is the only lesson for which we all are here, when we love ourselves, we can love Everyone around us unconditionally.

Love for Padmapriya!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"I got activated for Light Language but still I came to Padmapriya to deepen my Knowledge and how to use my power and practise my inner wisdom. You connected me to my Inner GPS and helped me to fall in love with Myself. Now My life is Beautiful and I feel very Blessed everyday. I am Grateful to have you as a Mentor in my Life." 

- Dr. Deepa, Malaysia

"The Process helped me to move beyond my Life Challenges that always held me back. I was completely stuck in my victim mode, and couldn't find out the way out. But Now I feel fully Empowered within Heal my relationships and became Victor. I feel so Blessed that I connected with Padmapriya that changed my entire life."

- Sulakshana Dhamorikar, India

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