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Creator of the Light Key Wellness System


About Nila

Nila is the creator of the Light Key Wellness System, a medium and channel with an experience of over 50 modalities. Her courses have reached over 7,000 people in 125 countries across the world with over 100 channelled courses.

Shifting people from victimhood of abuse and trauma to mastery is her speciality!

Nila has co-authored 2 best-selling books and written 13 more books, all while successfully running an IT company.

A sensitive soul, Nila has battled anxiety and depression but a loss in her life was the rock bottom and that’s how she began her healing journey to ‘fix’ herself until she realised there’s nothing to fix and that led her from victimhood to mastery.

Love for Nila!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

• A corporate was to pay a huge longstanding sum to Nila’s team. After using some powerful protocols, the CEO of that company paid all their dues within weeks!

• Sunali released 90% of her son’s back pain in 10 minutes, within 4 days of learning from Nila!

• Shifra’s (Nila’s student) friend with a heart condition, couldn’t walk stairs without being out of breath. That changed after just 1 session with Shifra.

• A government procedure was taking too long and Nila did a magical frequency. Within minutes, higher officials came in and within minutes, the work was done!

• SR was struggling for success even after working for 15 hours a day. After a few sessions, his workload reduced tremendously, he received a great score in company surveys and got success and visibility, both in his job and outside

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