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Nehaa Shaah

Switchwords, Tarot & More Modalities' Master

Modalities: Switchwords, Angel Healing, Numerology, Crystal, Reiki, Switchwords, Tarot Healer, B&C Miracle Method

Experience: 9 Years

Speciality: Emotional, Physical, Relationships, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, Professional

Location: Mumbai

Languages: Gujarati, Hindi & English

Available: By appointment between -

Monday To Friday: 9pm To 11pm

Saturday And Sunday: 10am To 3pm

• Tarot Reader

• USUI Reiki Healer

• B&C Miracle Method Therapist



About Nehaa Shaah

I'm Nehaa Shaah! I am from Mumbai and have been interested in Occult Practises since early teenage. Professionally, I am a techno-functional domain expert. Personally, I love energy work, divination tools (tarot reading, Runes) and predictive analysis (astrology, numerology). I am also a certified USUI Reiki healer and B&C Miracle Method along with Trinity Pendulum therapist. Besides these, I specialise in working with sub-conscious mind & energy using various tools like Switchwords, Energy circles, Animal Spirit Guides, Candle Magick, Spell work & some more modalities.

My goal is to guide and empower people to use these tools and practices for the best of experiences in their lives, to help them heal and manifest their goals.

DISCLAIMER: All the information on the calls, groups, events, PDFs, websites and other properties of The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies are for information purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional financial, medical or psychological advice, guidance, diagnosis or treatment. It is recommended you see a medical or relevant professionals first for any illness or concerns whatsoever / financial advisor for your Money decisions.

We do not offer medical diagnosis, advice, course of treatment or any other opinion on your conditions or treatment options. All terms & conditions mentioned on our terms page here are applicable

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