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Ferroza C Jassawala

Numerologist and Holistic Healer

Modalities: Numerology, Switchwords, Vaastu, Bach Flower Remedies, Theta Healing

Experience: 6 Years

Speciality: Numerology

Location: Delhi NCR

Languages: English, Hindi, Gurajati

Available: 7 days a week

Previous experience: Have conducted webinars on Numerology, Switchwords & Bach Flower Remedies. Have been consulted by over 500 customers from all over the world. During Covid, I have helped bring people out of ICU as well as helped with grief management over loss of loved ones.

Awards: DLF Celebrating The Stars - Community Service

- GIA accredited Gemologist
- Professional Level Numerologist & Vaastu Accreditation
- Grade 3 Bach Flower Practitioner from the UK
- Switchwords Professional
- Advanced Theta Healing Professional


About Ferroza C Jassawala

Ferroza C Jassawala is a professional Numerologist and holistic healer specializing in Numerology, Switchwords, Vaastu, Bach Flower Remedies, Theta Healing. She has taken over 500 consultations over the past 6 years including the tough times during Covid 19. She has been mentored and accredited by India's leading Numerologist and Vaastu expert- Arviend Sud.

What makes Ferroza's consultations unique is that she combines various modalities to help people transform their lives and get the best possible results.

Updating her knowledge and reaching out to those in need with passion and empathy are key qualities highlighted by her clients from all over the world. The fact that she speaks with each client and patiently listens to them and gives them hope in trying times, is what makes her an empathetic healer, like no other.

Love for Ferroza!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"The numerology reading with Feroza was very enlightening. Best Money I have spent all year! She is so accurate it blew my mind, especially given that she is miles away and has never met me before. I am very enthusiastic and positive now about the upcoming year and I trust that with the suggestions and remedies that she proposed I can improve my life and turn it around."
-SP, Dubai, UAE

"Have yet to come across someone so keen, positive and dedicated to helping her clients!
Generous of heart to a fault, Feroza painstakingly formulates your chart, studies it professionally and makes you understand it with utmost patience, kindness and clarity. Her solutions are simple, practical and doable.
All in all, a wonderful experience worth trying...!"
-PM, NewDelhi, India

"I got my neumorology reading done by Ferroza Jassawala and I am surprised at her competency in this field.  She is too good and gives considerable amount of time in explaining." 
-AP, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"We enjoyed our session with Ferroza and were very impressed with her accurate reading of our son’s nature, character, strengths, weaknesses and future. Importantly, she spent time in describing in detail every element of his numerology chart. We would highly recommend her."
-DM, Pune, India

"Thank you Ferroza for telling me in all earnesty that I would get better. I was really going through a rough patch but your guidance has brought me back." 
-HN, Mumbai, India

"It was a detailed consultation offerred by Ferroza ma'am. I was surprised to know how with minimum information i.e. my name and birthday, she was able to wholly understand my past, present and future. I was able to overcome my self-limiting beliefs after getting a consultation from her."
-KA, NewDelhi, India

"The Bach flower has helped me deal with my negative thinking and my anxiety issues... from being extremely fearful and having negative thoughts 15 days ago to today I see a great change in my thinking." 
-PK, Ahmedabad, India

"Few days ago my sister was experiencing a lot of anxiety n difficulties in her personal life. After using the bach flower remedies n switch words by Ferroza, she is a lot better in only a week. It is no less than a miracle." 
-SC, NewDelhi, India

"My problem with sleep has completely vanished with the switch words and energy circles."
-HK, Nagpur, India

"I was going through a very difficult period in my life last year. Her positive and encouraging attitude, based on great numerological insight and knowledge, has helped me take on those challenges with real resolve and confidence. I highly recommend her." 
-LS, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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