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Dr Vandana Rannjjit Ashar

Qualified Doctor & Energy Medicine Healer

Modalities: Access Conciousness, Bach Flower Remedies, Angel Healing, Tarot Cards, Homeopathy, Dowsing, Crystal, Reiki, Crystal Grid, Meditation, Star Magic Healing

Experience:   24 Years

Speciality: Emotional, Physical, Relationships, Mental, Financial, Children

Location: Mumbai

Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

Available: 9am To 9 Pm Monday To Sunday, On Appointments

Previous Experience:

She has been always guided by her instincts by Divine, in healing ,since 16 years, Being intuitive chosen the path to create different possibilities in healing has been working by integrating knowledge of various modalities and create the change, being a catalyst in many peoples' lives in respect to many areas of their lives. Through her therapies and guidance with Tarot, Dowsing and Angel Cards, She specializes in successfully worked on clients Cancer, Schizophrenia ,Autism, Relationship, Finance many more clients, and to add on to her Therapies and Facilitation, guidance with Angel and Tarot cards have given amazing possibilities for clients.

Also specializes in Crystal Grids, Crystals have amazing ability to transmit the energy, Grids are based on wonderful scared geometry, Crystal Grids function as Transformers, Amplifiers of various Energies that rebalance and Reenergize ,when crystals are programmed with intention and set in grids following rules of sacred geometry and activating the scared codes are realeased which helps to actualize, manifestation to occur from fifth dimension and Beyond.

Prosperity Grid for financial gains, Study Grids, Relationship or Family Grids, Flower of Life Grids


- Invited by Rotary Club of Mumbai and Woman Organisation





- B.H.M.S, { Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medical Science}








- CRYSTAL GRIDS { Serinity Crystal, Tarminder }




About Dr Vandana Rannjjit Ashar

Myself Dr Vandana Rannjjit Ashar founder of  Cosmic Illumination : Ignite The Light Within!

My Vision and passion to  not only to Heal people, but also to Empower people to be the change and create everything that they ever imagined or more than that in their lives with Ease Joy And Glory.

I believe  YOU can change everything in your life. I am a doctor , energy medicine , Holistic healer , Access certified faciliator . Star Magic Practitioner and a miraculous catalyst to change.

Besides being a  Doctor, she is trained in Multiple Internationally Certified  HEALING modalities like Access Bars Access Body Process Star Magic  CrystalHealing Healing, Crystal Grids, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Tarot Guidance, Angel Card Healing she specializes in psychosomatic diseases like Cancer Healing, Psoriasis, Asthma, Schizophrenia, Bi Polar and has successfully worked with Children, Autism, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s.

As Qualified doctor and Energy Medicine Healer, she integrates  healing  modalities into her practice since last 20 yrs Being highly energy sensitive, could perceive that apart from mind and body, there is much more to healing, in quest seeking more."What can I do more to help them?" Knowing that 99% of all illness are psychosomatic and that it was more important to work on the person rather than working on the disease to cure it. This awareness led to another and she started working on her clients in holistic way treating mind body spirit aspect. Healing with Crystals is like creating magic in people's lives.

When she came across Access Consciousness and was introduced to Bars, she immediately connected with the philosophies of Access. The Bars created phenomenal shifts in her personal life and her patient’s lives giving superfast results. She has started using Access in her practice and with every session we witness excellent shifts in them it has worked wonderfully with medical problems, relationship issues, and financial issues and with children. There has been no looking back since then! Truly believing in Empowerment and having found the philosophies and tools of Access the most empowering, through Bars and other classes of Access she enjoys sowing seeds of Choice, Awareness and Possibilities in her class participants lives so that theyare personally empowered to make conscious changes in their lives.

Today, for Dr Vandana, Awareness, Allowance, Transformation and Being Herself are the greatest keys to Joy, Happiness and she is an Empowered Facilitator for those around her.

Apart from Healing She Transforms People Lives with her Internationally certified workshops like  Access Bars Access Body Process Specialised Classes Be Money You Are , Relationship , Cosmic Frequency Healing , Crystal Healing with Grids Reiki Tarot Magic Angel Medicine.

She Conducts Workshop Pan India successfully transformed many people life .

Love for Dr Vandana!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dr. Vandana, I was wondering that this write up should not even be perceived as a testimonial because you do not need it. Because my purpose here is to express my gratitude and share with millions of humans around the globe who surely can benefit from your thorough medical knowledge combined with your Healing energies derived from this universe. (to any reader, you are welcome to contact me to check on the proofs for the below write up,

Case 1:

My Dad aged 74, a retired medical scientist, diagnosed with ‘Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis’ (a lung condition where the breathing capacity keeps reducing and yet there is no cure available in the world) along with reduced immunity and aggravated allergies, which led to frequent coughs and running nose for days together. Allopathy doctors had only suggested for a cortico-steroid pump and anti-allergic medicines, which my dad took for a year and then stopped as those chemicals are harmful in the long run.

For my Dad, since last 7 months successfully navigating through the corona pandemic phases, with your healing therapies combined with your homeopathic medicines, he has not been required to take any allopathic medicines and the immunity is also getting better as not getting those coughs and cold, especially due to his lung condition. NOT TAKEN ALLOPATHY MEDICINE AT ALL.

Case 2:

My self age 43, I had to do a surgery on my right shoulder where it had to be operated and ligament was repaired. Similar situation happened exactly 1 year back on my other shoulder the left one. I checked the Xrays and surgery was advised like before.

Only with your healing energies sessions, in a month this has now been cured permanently with no pain killer medicines and no surgery.

Personal & Professional and Financial aspects which I cannot explain here, but thanks to your Healing, Angel Cards reading, and the super positive motivation, I have been able to SURVIVE and SUCCEED !

This is NOT a testimonial! Wish every human being in the world can reach to you faster and get the help and get HEALED 

- Tapan Mehta

. Vandanaji is a pure soul, an amazing healer and a true guide. She is the one who gives personal attention and right guidance. Her guidance really helps and transform our life. Whatever  she guides, is with whole heart. It's like as she knows our problem and ready to help to come out from that situation. Her personal attention touches our heart. Her warm welcome, no words to describe. Only thing I would say, she is guided angel with unconditional love. Thanks a lot Vandanaji!! God bless you!! 

- Smita Jain

.  I had an amazing experience with the frequency downloads sent by Vandana...! Her explanations on various life challenges were very relatable and lot of new perspectives came up during discussions....!

Her message for me gave a lot of clarity !

She has a good grasp and in-depth knowledge about her field...

Divine Thanks! 

- Minoti

. Many many thanks vandana di

I feel jaise so many entities r there

Nd yr strong healing removes

Nd I feel very calm and light.

- Sunita Agarwal

. Dear Dr. Vandana, I am so grateful to you for the healing , for transforming my energy from the lower vibrations to the higher vibrations, which opened my consciousness from fear to faith . Whic helped me to change my perspective towards choices I make .

Thank you so much 

- Tina

Dear Vandana I have no words to express my gratitude. I feel very light and confident. I have found the possibility. As I told you I get irritated n angry when anything is not done or done incorrectly.The possibility is either leave the thing as it is  or do it quitly without grumbling. In this way I do not hurt myself or any other member of my family. Thank you very much for yesterday's healing session. 

- Komal Chhabria

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