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Dr Sri Vijaya

Akashic Records Master & Transformational Coach

Modalities: Akashic Records, Energy Healing, Angel Healing, Life Coaching, Tarot Cards, Acupressure, Dowsing, Reiki, Yoga, Switchwords, Meditation, Soul Healing, Chakra Healing, Counselling

Experience:  13 Years

Location: Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Languages: English

Available: Monday To Friday, 11 Am - 6 Pm

Previous Experience:

Corporate Experience for 15 years - Administration, Customer Relations and Human Resources

Freelance Work experience of 15 years in various field - Counselling, Coaching, Training, Life Skill Training,

Volunteer Service : Life Skill Training & Counselling with underprivileged & Govt School Children, Awareness workshop on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (POCSO)

Awards: World Woman Icon 2022 - Akashic Record Reading


BEMS, Diploma in Counselling, ACC (ICF Pathway), Graphology, Life Coach/Trainer

Akashic Record Reading, Akashic / Tarot Card Reading, Yoga Coach, Spiritual Coach

Healing : Reiki, Perceptional, PVH, Light Frequency, Ancient Symbols


About Dr Sri Vijaya

Have varied experience for about 30 years - from corporate to freelancing in fields like Administration, HR, Counselling, Training, Life Coaching, Alternative Medical Therapy to Healing. Though a college drop out during my Graduation, I pursued my studies to finish my BEMS (Electro Homeopathy) and became a doctor quite late in life. A childhood dream to become a doctor, I accomplished :-).

As for my Spiritual journey, life didn't give much choice but I had to go through a roller coaster ride for survival, so I started working at 16. Very intuitive since childhood, my questioning "why me, why this.." also started very early. Didn't realise that I was so connected to the Divine Energy (Realised it was Akashic Record Space much later), I used to get all my answers, lots of insights into the events around me and premonitions on what is to happen.

Started practicing Reiki in 1998. And over the last 10 years, the realization of being connected to Akashic Record space was very powerful. Went on a learning spree to sponge up whatever crossed my path. Decided to pursue this Divination as my passion, so that it can be of service to others.

Love for Dr Sri Vijaya!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

. Dr.Vijee ,thank you for introducing me to Akashic space.Thank you guiding me.Thank you for changing my life. Learning from you is so amazing that only listening to you make me absorb everything.I want to learn more and more from you

Thank you Dr.Vijee 

- Smritee Dwivedi

DR Vvigee is a gentle soul who is ever willing to assist us. I've benefitted from her guidance tremendously.  Dr V is  an inspiration to my family and I and has helped us  overcome hurdles through  the  darkest of times. Gratitude to do Dr V and may you continue to grow spiritually. God bless. 

- Chandraleka Sewnarain

Viji ma'am is such a warm person, ever so helpful n with such a profound knowledge about life n beyond. It's indeed an awesome experience learning so much from her. Every day, every moment she guides us to the divine path. Thank you so much ma'am for your genuinity n the wisdom u impart to us along this journey! 

- Deepa

Deep explanation of related content, makes her lectures amazing. There is so much to learn from her. On the top of evy, she is so humble and polite. This makes her teaching, even more wonderful. 

- Nimisha

. I have been following the space of PLR & Akashic Records for almost past 7 years. 
Trying to understand & explore both these modes to deep dive, introspect to myself & understand the purpose of my life better while also seeking answers to some questions, regarding my journey, people in my life, relationships & more.

I attended Dr. Vvijee's sessions & there was this deeply gratifying feeling that I might get answers to a lot of questions with her.

She has this very calming effect on you wherein you get this reassurance that all is well & solutions are round the corner.

Most importantly she is very patient & ever smiling & the way she decodes your questions with her readings is a not to miss experience!

Thank you Dr Vvijee. Lots of luv & luck to you

- Subhasri Prasad

. Dr. Vvijee has a different aura altogether.

In the first connect itself you can feel her purpose is not looking at the time duration, self benefits, etc , her soul purpose is genuinely helping the person overcome and clear the Karmic debts for whichever reason he or she is suffering. For me, she is definitely an Angel and will always have a special place in my heart and soul. She really feels your pain and does her BEST to heal it.

Love and Regards. 

- Puja Sahu

I first met Dr Vvijee for an Akashic record reading. & besides that being a very good experience, I really connected with Dr Vvijee's aura, compassion & empathy. She is a wonderful human being & pure soul.

I later learnt Akashic Record reading as well from her. Her process, explanation and teaching style is simple and she empowers her students to not only use this knowledge for their own lives but also to actively start reading the Akashic records for clients, reminding us of our spiritual mission.

Dr Vvijee is an ocean of knowledge & I am grateful to the universe to have met her & to have her as a mentor. 

- Sapna

In my quest for connecting with the divine, I yearned for a mentor who could initiate me to the process to bond with my innerself and with the divine. An acquaintance mentioned about Dr Vvijee and I was so drawn towards her. I started the Akashic record reading journey with her in August this year and how miraculously I feel the secrets of the universe are being revealed to me. As a person, I have become so optimistic in my approach towards life and in my day to day events. There is so much more to experience and learn and with Dr Vvijee's constant soul nurturing and care I am sure to experience the divinity all around me. Holding on to and always. Gratitude 

- Preeti Verma

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