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Dr Anu Chaudhary

Multiple Award-winning Healer; Founder of Signature Chakra-Astro-Tarot Technique

Modalities: Past Life Regression Therapy, Family Constellation, Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy, Chakra Healing, Tarot Reading, Horoscope Reading, Inner Child Therapy, Psychological Counselling

Self-Discovered Modalities: Astro Shakti Tarot Course (Pioneer Course & Reading), Chakra Astro Tarot (Pioneer Course & Reading)

Experience:  30 Yrs

Speciality: Astrology and other spiritual practices like Current/Horoscope Reading & Remedies, Pitradosh Nivaran (Ancestral Healing), Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran, Chakra Balancing, Family Constellation, Drawing Analysis & Therapy, Aura Cleaning, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy for childhood traumas, Therapy for Allergies & other medical issues, Psychological Counselling, Psychological test & Analysis, Psychodrama for relationship healing

Location: Jaipur; Online

Languages: Hindi & English

Available: Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Previous Experience: Have conducted more than 200 workshops in the last 4 years in India & Dubai which include Full Moon Meditation Program, New Moon Meditation, Money Manifestation Workshop, Relationship Workshop, Heal Your Body Workshop, Aura Cleaning Workshop, Ancestral Healing Workshop, Tarot Reading Workshop, Family Constellation Workshop, Chakra Healing Workshop, Chakra Astro Tarot & Astro Shakti Tarot Course Workshop, Family Constellation Course Workshop.


- Rajasthan Shiromani Award- 2023 For being a famous international tarot card reader

- Excellence Award by The Success Today in 2023

- Honoured by Fortis Hospital in 2023 on International Women's Day

- Sampark Shree Award by Sampark Sansthan in 2024 for the best Tarot Card Reader

- Women Face of the Year 2024 (Award by Fox Story India)


Family Constellation Facilitator Training, Five Levels of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Professional Tarot Course, Astro Tarot Course, Nakshatra Oracle Course, Advanced Metaphor Therapy


About Dr Anu Chaudhary

Dr. Anu Choudhary, Founder & Owner of Soul & Solace Healing Space, is an international healer and astrologer. She has an experience of 30 years in the field of astrology and helping many people navigate life's ups and downs. She is well known for family constellations with 1,000s of clients benefiting through constellation work. She fosters understanding and healing. She has conducted more than 4,000 sessions of family constellations. Unexpected results were seen from the constellation sessions.

Dr Anu Chaudhary has specialised in the spiritual and healing modalities of existential well-being. Her specialisation is a culmination of Astrology, Family Constellation, Tarot, Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy, Chakra Healing and Psychological Counselling. She is the sole proprietor of Chakra Astro Tarot course and Astro Shakti Tarot course and has self-designed oracle cards published. She has invented the technique of current kundali and has helped thousands of people across the world to overcome diverse issues by the astrological remedies suggested by her. 

Dr Chaudhary  is also an expert in tarot reading and experiments with lots of new methods of healing and combination readings. She combines knowledge with empathy to provide comfort and wisdom. Her work goes beyond predicting the future; it's about making a positive impact, giving hope, and guiding others with kindness, bridging the gap between the cosmic and the personal.

Her specialisation in existential well-being signifies a holistic approach, addressing not only physical but also emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, fostering a balanced and harmonious life. Dr Chaudhary is a successful Educator who has taught her own modalities in India and abroad. Her students include many reputed international & national healers who are doing extremely well and appreciate her course. They are successfully using the techniques learnt from her.

Dr Chaudhary's unique courses, Chakra Astro course and Astro Shakti course, signify her dedication to imparting knowledge and empowering individuals through structured learning programs in astrology and spiritual awakening.

Love for Dr Anu Chaudhary!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I met Anu at an exhibition. I was very impressed by the accuracy of her reading with the Chakra Astrology cards. There and then, I knew I wanted to learn this method.

A  year later, I learned this method. Anu is an amazing teacher, and the Chakra Astrology that she has devised is accurate, informative, and reveals so much about one's hidden personality.

Every time I am amazed at the information I get. I am the co-founder of my own method B&C Miracle Method, and using the Astro Cards in conjunction with this method, I see more and more miracles.

- Brenda Ganwani

Co-founder, B&C Miracle Method, UAE

Chakra Astrology cards divinely developed by Dr. Anu Chaudhary are the most honest cards I have ever seen. Whatever question you ask, the insights are so accurate and information is mind blowing.

Learning the Chakra Astrology course from Anu was a wonderful experience too. She teaches with full passion and her knowledge about astrology is par excellence. I highly recommend seekers to learn and benefit from this unique creation of Anu Chaudhary.

- Charu Mathur

Co-Founder, B&C Miracle Method, UAE

Chakra Astro Tarot is simple yet an amazing set of cards. It has so much depth, logic and knowledge combined in it. I was nervous about learning basic astrology and all the main chakras, their associations with each other with so many elements, planets and equations, and wondered how I would even remember them… Dr. Anu’s original and innovative methods of using these cards made it a breeze to learn Chakra Astro Tarot. I am always keen to learn new modalities as a healer, and she is the best mentor, friend and most importantly a beautiful soul who will ensure you learn and grow in your spiritual journey with ease! This deck is not to be missed as a powerful tool to receive a deeper authentic understanding of one’s chakras with their emotion and behaviors or actually the cause and effects!

- Sonal Kapadia

Founder, Magical Phoenix, UAE

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by astrology. And while I have studied the parts of astrology over time, I never resonated with many of the in-depth astrology courses. I was looking for something different, but I didn't know what it was. I have been reading various tarot and oracle cards for many years and when I learned that Dr. Anu's course was astrology + cards, I knew this was what I was waiting for. While I dabbled in western astrology, vedic astrology was quite new to me. And I loved every second of the Chakra Tarot astrology course. It was in depth, but simple and easy to apply, with such accurate insights and resolutions. 

As an intuitive coach and healer, this modality easily blended with what I do, enabling me to support my clients with another layer of insight. On a personal note, I have been able to apply the learning into many areas of my life, seeing amazing results as I release blocks with healing and inner work. This modality is for everyone who wants to create immense lasting shifts in their or their clients' lives.

Dr. Anu is a wonderful teacher, highly gifted, talented, full of wisdom, knowledge, patience and kindness. All I can say is that this is an extraordinary modality by a truly extraordinary person.

- Lisa, Dubai

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