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This Page has Arpita Thakkar's Akashic Records Webinar Replay & Special Packages!!

Click here to watch the replay

Arpita Thakkar's Special Limited-time Akashic Records Packages

Package A : Level 1

Akashic Records Workshop 

Package B : Level 2

Akashic Records Workshop 

Package C: Akashic Records Reading Session 

Akashic Records Workshop - Level 1

Date: 5th May onwards

Every Sunday

Duration : 5 Sundays

Akashic Records Workshop - Level 2

Date: 9th June onwards

Every Sunday

Duration : 4 Sundays

Time: 10am to 12 :30pm IST 

Level 1: 5 classes

Level 2: 4 classes

Contents of AKASHIC RECORDS WORKSHOP - Levels 1 and 2

Level 1( Practitioner level)

Package A

* What are Akashic Records

* Laws of Karma

* Understanding your Karmic Lessons

* Method to access the Records

* How to read your Akashic Records

* Why is Journaling important

* Attunement

* Getting Remedies & Guidances from the Records

* Readings Practice & Case Studies


Venue: Zoom( 5 Zoom classes)

Fees: Rs 9500 or 125$


✅Free Class Revision next time

✅Group Support 

✅Recordings available 

✅ Notes available

Level 2 (Trainer level)

Package B

* Identifying the Soul Contracts

* When to Clear the Contracts

* How to do the Clearings for yourself and others

* Taking Property Readings

* Prayers & Process to Clear the Contracts

* Process of Rewriting the Records

* Practical session

* Process of Attuning others

( become a trainer)

Venue: Zoom

Fees: 12,500 rs or $166


✅Free Class Revision next time

✅Group Support 

✅Recordings available 

✅ Notes available

CLICK HERE to make the payment for the workshop

Akashic Records Reading Session

Package C

Akashic Reading 

30 minutes: Rs 3500 or 48$

45 minutes: Rs 4500 or 60 $

60 minutes: Rs 5000 or 68$

CLICK HERE to make the payment for the session of your choice

Package A Level 1: Rs 9500 or 125$

Package B Level 2: Rs 12,500 or 166$

Total: Rs 22,000 or 280$

Bonus Offer:

Those enrolling for both Level 1 and 2 together will receive a free Akashic Records Reading for 15 min any of their issue

CLICK HERE to make the payment for the workshop

UPI options - 

Phone pe : 9324478966

Pay tm : 9324478966

Google pay : 9324478966

Or net transfer

Arpita Amit Thakkar 

HDFC Bank Ltd

A/c no-50100238730472

IFSC Code-HDFC0000652

Mulund west branch

 Arpita Amit Thakkar 

ICICI Bank Mulund West Branch

SB A/c no:623801143435

IFC code: ICIC0006238

If you need help or have any questions, reach out to Arpita:

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• Phone - +91 93244 78966

• Email -

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