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Varsha Singh

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Psychic Tarot - Consultation & Workshop

✔ Comprehensive reading and analysis

✔ Guidance for health, career, etc.

✔ 18-hr workshop

✔ Get practice sessions + client support

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About Psychic Tarot

Psychic Tarot Reading is a comprehensive predictive and guidance methodology. It is not just limited to cards’ meanings and their interpretation based on questions asked; rather it dissects the questions into parts and reads the energetic blockages, subconscious beliefs, ancestral issues, etc, if any.

Also, Tarot reading is based on the understanding that you are the creator of your life and as you change, your reading changes. It is based not just on your current energy but also your ancestral blessings/blockages; subconscious downloads from past life; your karmic path and your soul purpose.

How it works -

Varsha starts with a meditation on the name of the person concerned followed by psychic/energy reading and then the questions are put across. At times it can be vice versa – first questions and through their dissection psychic reading is done. Remedies are provided as per the suggestion of the cards which vary from person to person. In her experience, Varsha has seen mysterious remedies she has never heard of popping up for people!

Get Guidance For
Family relationships
Career path
Life Purpose
Past Life
Decision making
Dreams interpretation

Who should opt for Psychic Tarot with Varsha Singh

• Everyone looking for guidance for relationship, health and money is welcome

• All those looking for guidance to any question or confusion

• Anybody who is feeling stuck about a decision to be made

• All those who need clarity on their life paths

• Anybody can do the workshop to empower themselves and to guide others

Awesome Benefits of Learning Psychic Tarot with Varsha

★ Interpret accurate answers

★ Never face Tarot blocks

★ Intuition will be boosted

★ Mind, body and soul will come in alignment

★ Find yours and help others find their life purpose

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Varsha Singh


Varsha is a born psychic with clairvoyance, clairsentience & clairaudience as her regular go-to gifts and has been a healer for more than a decade. She has had innumerable outer-world experiences since her childhood. After having a flourishing corporate career, Varsha now finally uses her gifts and skills to support others to get out of their entanglements.

A certified master healer, Varsha is an expert in life-purpose consulting & psychic tarot reading. She is also a Lenormand card trainer and Reiki grandmaster. Her brain-child ‘Mysterious Box’ provides services like aura energising, chakra balancing, creative sound & rhythms, 5th dimensional healing with angels and more. Varsha is also the founder of the world’s first ever complete personality and soul purpose decoding report named augury t-aura analysis.

Varsha is on a mission to guide her clients towards victory and happiness, and to support them in every possible way.

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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