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Sylvia Fernandes

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Chakra-Aura, Meridian Flush Empowerment

✔ Personal session includes reading, remedies, 2 detailed reports

✔ Receive healing + attunement to healing process for self

✔ Receive 21 days practice, 2 reports & more in workshop

Mystic Lotus Divination Shakti Virtual Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - You know Chakras? Must Know Meridians Now!

Click Here - ONE simple step to handle all pain, incompletions & roadblocks easily

Click Here - Experience instant energy with unique Meridian Flush technique (follow instructions below)

Click Here - Protect and lock your aura every morning with this instant tip shared by Sylvia

Click Here - See how chakra frequencies change after experiencing the Meridian Flush technique

Click Here - Bye-bye anger-management courses! She found the easy way to heal anger for good


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

About Chakras, Aura & Meridians

The chaos and despair we go through is due to alienation from our own self and past choices.

The chakras all together form our aura. With the Chakra scan, we can see the areas that need improvement and strengthen the auric field. A strong auric field will show how one is unaffected by external environments.

Meridians are energy lines that run around the body in definite pathways. They are energy channels that are connected to the main chakras connected to the physical body. Interruptions in the energy flow can lead to diseases in the body parts associated with it. Hence, smooth energy flow along with the meridian lines is important.

How It Works

Just as our house requires decluttering, the energy inside us also requires the same. Sylvia’s very own Meridian Flush empowerment technique transmits energies to specific areas which help accelerate healing and restore balance and harmony.

The Human system is an exact replica of the Universe with two primary Qi channels in the front and back. This practice directs the energy from point to point - the Chakra front and back.

Benefits of Sylvia’s Meridian Flush Empowerment Technique

★ Help heal existing physical and mental conditions

★ With a strong aura, stay unaffected from external environments

★ Clear past memories, get freed from the past

★ Next level of high-vibration living - align with the abundant energy of the Universe

★ Change energy at will, in minutes!

★ Speed up your spiritual journey (to connect with your higher self)

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Sylvia Fernandes


Sylvia is a multiple award-winning personality in the world of healing and wellness services. She is popularly known as a spiritual doctor, and is also a counsellor, guide, NGO worker and a best-selling author.

A recipient of the Golden Book award, Student Development award, Women Leadership award, 100 Influential Indians award, Idols of Maharashtra awarded by the Government of Goa, India. Thats not all, she is scheduled to be on the speaker panel of the globally popular initiative, TEDx.

The purpose of Sylvia’s life is to help people with their self-understanding and helping to speed up their ascension process with the help of all her divine companions. She strongly believes in this quote, "We can change the script because we are Co-creator or Directors of our Life!"

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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