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Preeti Robert

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Auto-Writing Session & Workshop

✔ Receive guidance and remedies in sessions

✔ Practitioner & trainer level workshop

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About Auto-Writing

Auto-writing is the process of divine writing to receive guidance and messages from ascended masters, angels, spirit guides, departed souls and other divine beings. In this technique, the hand moves involuntarily as higher energies write down the messages.


These are only guidances to lead life, give information about the other world, get their blessings and sometimes they give healings.


Its Principle

It is based on our ability to connect with higher energies and seek answers to our life issues.


Connect to deities, deceased loved ones, and receive messages and guidance
Receive guidance for life issues like health, wealth and relationships 
Increase intuition and strengthen connections with Spiritual Masters in the other world
It is a very safe method as people fear attracting negative or lower level souls. Safe channels are connected to the other world

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Preeti Robert


Preeti Robert is a multi-modality healer for the past 30 years. She practices multiple techniques like auto-writing, aromatherapy with acupressure, cosmic energy healing, Akashic record reading, food therapy, flower energy healing, planetary healing, Karmic healing, ancestral healing, past life regression therapy, Reiki,  mantra healing, Shambhavi healing and many more healing systems.

Preeti strongly believes in auto-writing as she has always received her guidance or solutions from the ascended masters to move in the right direction. Amazingly, Preeti intuitively used to practise auto-writing even without knowing it before getting formally trained in it. After training and practice, she has had multiple amazing success stories guiding people with auto-writing.

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