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Payal Goradia

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Vastu for Harmony in Home / Office

✔ No-breakage Vastu!

✔ Personalised remedies and recommendations in consultation

✔ Remedies benefit all residing members

✔ Receive easy remedies known for big shifts

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Choose Love Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

CLICK HERE to download PDF with Vastu Tips for Family Harmony by Payal Goradia

Click Here - Vastu & Colours connection - important for your family’s wellbeing

Click Here - Vastu Tips & Remedies - simple and effective for home, relationships & more

Click Here - Powerful house visualisation technique to check your relationship and get insights to bring shifts

Click Here - Vastu readings for people’s sleep issues, marriage, health and more

Click Here - Couple’s business restored and surprising career boost with Vastu Remedies


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

Highlights from Call Replay 2

Click Here - Vastu remedies for Brahmasthan, Vastu Purush and overall well-being

Click Here - Keep negativity away; best place to place photographs & more

About Vastu

An ancient science over 6000 years old, Vastu is essentially the science of architecture. With minor corrections in our house zones, we can make huge differences in our personal space!

Vastu plays an important role in our lives & by using this ancient science, we can improve love & relationships in our life too!

Right from saving marriages, bringing happiness within couples to conceiving & finding the right match, Payal has helped many with her expertise in Vastu!


★ No drastic measures suggested! No breakage

★ Remedies personalised such that helpful for ALL residing members

★ Simple remedies known to bring big shifts

★ Increased peace and harmony in the house

★ Raised positivity and supporting energies in the house

★ Better understanding and bonding among family members

★ Couples’ relationship enhances, separation can be averted

★ Children calm down, their focus increases, performance improves

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Payal Goradia


Payal Goradia is an award-winning Vastu Shastra expert who has helped thousands of people in India and around the world to reclaim peace and harmony in their lives with her Vastu consultation services and courses. She has appeared on successfully running radio and TV shows in the UK and US. She has been awarded by the Women Entrepreneurs Enclave for her prolific service.

Payal’s journey in Vastu began when she was not finding a suitable partner for marriage. Within 2 months of practising Vastu, she met her husband. Since then, Payal has applied Vastu to all her areas of life and has tasted tremendous success even when minor changes have been made!

She has learnt Vastu from 4 different teachers and has become a force to reckon with in the world of Vastu as she teaches and provides services to heal homes, offices, factories, etc. Apart from Vastu, Payal also specialises in Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Akashic Records Reading, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Lama Fera and more!

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