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Nirjarra C Dosshi

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Magical Runes Workshop & Session

✔ Basic + Advanced + Magick Levels

✔ All get personalised Rune Magick formula

✔ Get group support & support with clients

✔ Ask unlimited questions in session

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Highlights from the Call

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Magical Runes

Runes & Rune Magic - involve symbols of the Runic alphabet to receive unique guidance for the future and to help gain insight into any situations or questions. The word ‘rune’ means mystery, whisper or secret.

Each Runic symbol in this ancient system has imbibed magick that guides us towards the solution.

Runes are a direct guide into your subconscious mind to help understand how external/internal events and feelings are working for or against you. They offer deep insights or a strong message from your higher self, soul or Gods about any event of your life.

They are divinatory and magical in nature. So when we cast Runes, based on which rune comes out, it tells us about the situation and its beyond.


★ You can reach out to Runes for guidance in any area of your life -  relationship, marriage, children, love, education, career, etc.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Nirjarra C Dosshi


Nirjarra C Dosshi is a renowned Runes practitioner and Light Language code activator, and is also known as the spiritual scientist and energy alchemist.

She also practises Runic healing, which she has intuitively developed over the course of time. When Nirjarra realised Runes was one of her soul gifts, she learnt it and used it on her family business to completely turn around the fortunes.

Nirjarra has been using this mystical modality to help people find their best way in life.

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