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Neha Kumar

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Heal with Akashic Records

✔ Reading, Clearing, Healing & Remedies

✔ Personalised sessions based on your issues

✔ Bonus follow-up session to track progress

✔ Heal relationships, conflicts and more

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Choose Love Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What are Akashic Records? How can we heal relationships and more? 

Click Here - Akashic Records heal relationships, health and more. Success story for Neha Kumar

Click Here - Healing Meditation - Powerful Akashic guided process for deep release

Click Here - How Akashic Records can guide for anything and everything! 


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

About Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a library of unending information about the workings of the Universe where the rules of time don’t really apply!

A field of Energy and information, they contain wisdom throughout history with every thought and experience etched in the records. The akashic records hold all our past lives and future lives too!

Coming from the Sanskrit word “Akasha”, which means sky, ether or space, Akashic Records are nothing but the collective consciousness! No matter what technique you access it with, the unlimited guidance, inspiration and energy of the records are for you to explore & charge your lives with limitless power, love & joy!​

How it works

Our names have a distinct vibrational quality which is used to access records which bring the set of records with information most relevant to our present!

Understand why traumas, repeated limiting patterns, obstacles, have occurred and how we can transform them, moving forward with Love, understanding & wisdom!

Amazing Benefits of Akashic Records with Neha

★ Dissolve longstanding, deeply engrained difficulties and trauma from the core

★ Reach the core issue of blocks & heal

★ Heal your relationships, career, finances, etc.

★ Understand how your past karmas are impacting your present

★ Know your life purpose and soul plan

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Neha Kumar


Meet Neha, a fun loving, passionate & creative soul who has worked in the apparel industry for 2 decades but left it for the urge to explore her calling of helping others heal!

Having had premonitions about the family, friends’ families and more as a child, she went on to learn various modalities like Akashic records, reiki, inner child healing, automatic writing and more! She is now a forgiveness life coach, Quantum healer, sound healer and is on the path to learn more!

A strong believer of - when people become aware of their true potential, they can create magic. Neha empowers people through her workshops and meditations and helps them become masters of their own destiny!

Connect with us if you wish to know more


Ph: +91 93220 17119

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